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Trans-Atlantic Trucks

Country United States
State Texas
City Alamo
Address 121 U.S. 83 Business
Phone 470-234-4806

Trans-Atlantic Trucks Reviews

  • Mar 29, 2018

Rick Davis sent us pictures of the engine and assured us it was out of a firetruck and well cared for and only had three hundred and twenty five thousand miles on it. I had to wire $9,000 bank-to-bank on Monday so that they would ship it. Transatlantic truck is in Donna Texas and our truck is broke down in Tye Texas. We got the engine 2 Days Later and it is a much smaller engine and is basically out of a junkyard. The turbo has oil in it and the engine has oil and coolant all throughout it. It will not fit in door truck. Summit International ran the specs on the engine and we have eight pages of things wrong with the engine. This is not the engine we ordered, it is out of a Ryder truck, it is a 2003 and it has 517 thousand miles on it. When I emailed Rick Davis back he said there's nothing he can do about it. We either want the engine we ordered or our money back. I have paperwork stating that this engine has been tested yet Summit will not even install it because it is in such bad shape. It will not run with all the oil and coolant throughout the engine. Parts are damaged and missing on it also.

I did a wire transfer bank-to-bank and now I have to go through the bank to file fraud charges and fill out an affidavit try to get my money back. We have pictures of the engine he sent us that we wanted to purchase and it is not at all the small damaged engine they sent us. They refused to send us the engine we wanted and told us tough about the money we lost. We've been broke down for 2 weeks and now it's going to take longer and we are out $9,000 towards another engine. My last email from Rick Davis was that his lawyer will contact me tomorrow when I told him I would file an affidavit with the banks to try to get our money back.

  • Jan 3, 2018

Bait and switch

*trans-atlantic trucks on ebay they had a low mileage motor for sale I bought it for 8000.00 had to wire the money they bought a motor at a differ junk yard and they sent it to me it is a high mileage motor that is in need to be repaired and some broken parts they will not fix and what to charge me 25% restocking fee plus have me pay for shipping the shop that is putting it will not put I a motor that needs repaired they are still listing the motor on the internet for sale they told my motor was bad so got this motor for me bad cam bad cam followers they did the bait and switch tock my money*

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