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Country United States
State Indiana
City Arcadia
Address 1318 E 236th St
Phone 317-848-9975

TradeWinds Reviews

  • Jun 13, 2018

We moved two full loads out of the NYC Car trade show on 4/11/18, it was picked up from the Jacob Javits center, for Tradewinds MC # 718932, we were promised to get paid for all the detentions “since its picking up from a show, and we knew that it can take a long time, one truck arrived 12:45pm and was loaded the next morning 7:00am the second truck arrived 5:00pm (since we only agreed to the second load after 2:00pm) and was loaded the following day 11:00am, we emailed Tradewinds MC # 718932, a couple of times afterhours and notified them about the waiting time, once 8:00pm, and 10:00pm, we told them that the trucks are sitting and waiting to get loaded they responded: that we should not worry everything will be paid we should keep track of all the waiting time, we have all proof via email that they confirmed that they will pay us $50.00 for every hour that the trucks needed to wait, we had a hard time to get to the AP Dept, when we finally gave them everything that they needed the AP Dept said: we won’t pay you anything on the detentions, and they just refusing to pay us for all detentions. This was the toughest moves we ever did, the drivers had to park and walk into the show and look for the right contact people etc., the trucks wanted to leave a few times but I gave them my word that we will pay them for there waiting time. We finally received 2 checks for the loads “excluding the waiting time, that was promised” and both checks bounced, when I contacted to their surety bond they came up with a foolish excuse that the AP was on vacation, and agreed again to ONLY pay us for the moves. (I don’t understand how checks are bouncing if there is money in the bank, when someone is on vacation) this is after Tradewinds MC # 718932, sent me an email and agreed a night before that they WILL pay us everything including the waiting time and money for the bounced check.

Just wanted to make sure all of you know about this company Tradewinds MC # 718932 they are just bad!

  • Dec 19, 2015

Tradewinds cheats drivers out of their pay. They don't give you the 2900 miles or the 1.25 per mile that they advertise. They take out truck payments for Quality Companies from your settlements and don't pay Quality Companies. They will put a stop payment on your last and previous payroll check. They claim to be a Christian based company, but they are not. They will shut your fuel card off, and flat refuse to return your calls. Hope to get enough screwed over drivers to file charges against these crooks in hopes to put them out of business for good.

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