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Trader Joe's

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas

Trader Joe's Reviews

  • Apr 4, 2019

I stopped in to Trader Joe’s Agoura Hills and a man stole my wallet right out of my purse & took off! Trader Joe’s has no cameras. This is apparently a common thing in their chain of stores- to allow people to be mugged and do nothing about it.

Took days on the phone to try and regain my identity after the thief stole $2100 cash - and charged every credit card within 30 minutes as I recd outrageous email receipts from Nordstrom. I’d like the cash reimbursed by Trader Joe’s since it’s negligent security knowingly on their part .

Not to downplay the mental torture of not being safe in the store and now overly paranoid the past 4 weeks (it happens at 1 :30 PM on Friday 4 weeks ago). The store had maybe 8 customers inside. The man looked at me which was creepy.

  • May 16, 2017

I really cannot think of any other valid reason for the closure of the Decatur store and the abandonment of the central Las Vegas market. Too many Hispanics and persons of color in the immediate area around that store?

Nevermind that the store is busy and high-performing or the many affluent neighborhoods to the west and east that rely on this location and shop there.

Simply put, the area near the Decatur store is no longer WHITE ENOUGH for Trader Joe's!

Here are two of the executives responsible for the closing.

Dan Bane Chairman and CEO> [email protected]

Dan Dasse VP of Western region> [email protected]

(520) 488-1391

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