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TouchPay Holdings, LLC.

Country United States
State Texas
City Coppell
Address P.O. Box 3182
Phone 866-204-1603

TouchPay Holdings, LLC. Reviews

  • Jun 26, 2019

This is a total over charge and a blatant rip off of those who need the most help. I would never choose this company and anyone who reads this should trust my opinion. They misreperesented their product, they did fix what was wrong and they did rebate any money for all of the problems

I booked an air bnb in miami beach from may 7 thru june 4th. The unit was totally mis represented by air b n b . The address is 6620 indian creek drive miami beach fla. Do not rent this place. It smells of body odor, the furniture is cheap old and uncomfortable. The beds are dirty and the matresses are terribel.

The road noise is really loud and the walls are so thin you cannot escape the loudness. There is no garbage diposal. So all food must be taken by hand and thrown away. There are no mirrors in the bathroom, no towel racks, no toilet paper holders. Its a dump. I asked for a partial refund and was told that the unit was fine.

They installed plug in air fresheners and said that was enough to cover the body odor> The unit then smelled like a Strip club. The unit owner is very unreasonable. So if you see the unit on indian creek drive maimi beach florida, #616 , STAY AWAY!!! Its a hole!

  • Oct 16, 2018

Total RIP off company. If you have a balance left on account when person is released from jail they will not refund your money unless it is over 50$ and then charge you 10$ to do that. They will only give you a telmate phone card for any remaining balance. Texas jails should not allow companies like this to operate in their facilities.

  • Jun 5, 2018

No, I just put money on her account the day before. So I called TouchPay to find out what is the problem. First they gave me the run around saying that the account is not pulling up the right person. OK we get through that part, now they are saying that the money went through on their part but never mind if the party it was intended for Dido not get the money. Oh no, you are either going to put the money in my daughter's account or you are going to put the money back on my card end of story. I called today a little while ago and the rep says that they don't have access to the money. Oh come on, you had access to take the money off my card, you have access to put the money back on my card. As of June 5 2018 I'm still waiting for an answer. Any suggesting? I want my money back. They refused to put my money back on my card or put the money on my daughter's account.

TouchPay has refused to put the money on my daughter's account or put the money back on my card. I think that TouchPay should not be able to treat people like that and then talk to you with no respect after TouchPay has taken my money. Saying that they don't have access to the money. Please put my money back on my card or put the money on my daughter's account where it should be at the first place.

  • Jul 31, 2017

On july 15th i sent my son some money using the touch pay services from my account they took the money off my card however it was not credited to his account.

i dont like being ripped off for a service that the public can use. they also took there service fee for using there service.

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