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Total Protect Home Warranty

Country United States
State Florida
City Sunrise
Address 1625 NW 136th Ave Ste 200
Phone (866) 607-9674

Total Protect Home Warranty Reviews

  • Feb 10, 2019

Total Protect and all of these warranty companies are guilty of FALSE advertising folks. They tell you that if you buy there warranty they will take the financial worries of owning a home off your mind. TOTAL B.S..

Here is what happens when your heater or major system fails. (1) You file a claim on line and a local service contractor is set up to go to your home for a service call charge of $100. (2) My heater /heat pump was bad and the technician said it needed to be replaced. Total Protect then sent me a bill saying yes you will get a new heater/heat pump but you have to PAY FOR THE INSTALLATION FEE'S TOTALING $1,800. IF you dont agree to pay the installation cost they will not do anything and not even give you a credit for the actual heater or unit. You get nothing and they do not care.(YOU SAY WAIT A MINUTE YOUR ADVERTISING SAID THAT YOU WILL REPLACE THE COST OF THESE SYSTEMS EVEN A FULL HEATING OR AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM!(3) You try to call and complain and all that happens is you get directed to the service repair company.

I responded to there email with a nasty email reply (they say do not respond but it did go through) and they sent me the fine print in three paragraphs 4,5,6 of the Warranty contract. It states that they are not responsible for installation of different or upgraded systems, electrical, duct work, sheet metal, etc with the replacement system. HERE IS THE RIP-OFF AS WELL-BECAUSE THE WARRANTY DOES COVER PROBLEMS WITH WIRING, DUCT WORK ETC BUT NOT IF ITS ASSOCIATED WITH A REPLACEMENT INSTALLATION. So In fact they do not take the financial worry of home repairs or replacement off your mind by buying a warranty.

Trust me folks its better to just pay $50 a month to a savings account called "Home Repair" than deal with these liars, cheaters and frauds called "HOME WARRANTY COMPANIES". THEY WILL all HAVE the fine print paragraphs that you will never read, which will be used to screw you in the END. Worst of all you will go in circles trying to speak to someone to complain.

  • Nov 12, 2018

Placed the first claim for the repair of my Dryer April 2018. Several different repair men, and repair companies have come out and replaced parts, but so far none have been able to fix the dryer.

The last repairman Blackwell Appliance Serivces hasn't come back after ordering parts and replacing the dryer is still not repaired November 2018. I think it's time Total protect keep their word and replace the Dryer but all I get when I call them is they'll reach out to the service provider and request him to come back to fix the dryer.

This morning 11/13/2018 I called the provider left another voice mail, and called Total Proptect and they said they'd reach out to the service provider.

The latest part ordered was supposed to be delivered to the Service Provider yesterday, and he was supposed to call me yesterday to schedule an appointment but hasn't and hasn't returned any of my phone calls today.

There doesn't seem to be anyone that can help me.

  • Jan 10, 2018

My family of 5 has been without a clothes washing machine since 12/16/17. We have a home warranty with Total Protect that this machine is covered by. I originally contacted Total Protect to file a claim for my clothes washer machine on 12/16/17. A tech from Mr. Rogers Home Services arrived on 12/18 to diagnose the issue. On 12/27 two more techs arrived with the parts to repair the machine. The stated that they were unable to because the wrong part was ordered. I spoke the the office manager and he assured me that the correct part would be ordered, however the repair would be on 1/3. On 1/2 I called the company to confirm the appt. & was promised a call between 3-5 to confirm the appt. On 1/3 nobody arrived at my home & I was informed that the part was not in yet. On 1/4 another tech arrived only to tell me that the incorrect part (washer lid sensor) had been ordered again.

I contacted the business owner and he promised to send the tech to get the correct part from a warehouse in Clearwater. Later that afternoon, I followed up with the company and they requested that I supply the serial #, model # for the machine. They stated that they were unable to locate the correct part for the machine, and that a universal part would not work either (1/4/17). I have contact Total Protect each day since with no resolution. I spoke to Cassandra on 1/4 & explained my dilemma to her. I requested to speak with a supervisor, and she informed me that nobody was available. The customer service rep I spoke with today informed me that Cassandra is in fact a supervisor.

I still have not been contacted by a supervisor, and my washer machine does not appear to be any closer to being repaired. I was informed that the situation has been sent to "research" and that I should receive an answer by Friday, January 13, 2017! I have taken four days off work, spent countless hours on hold and speaking with reps from Total Protect, spent money on travel to and from the laundry mat, and endangered myself and 3 young children by traveling to a very unsafe area to use the laundry mat. All I'm asking for is resolution. My contract states that a replacement appliance will be issued if the current cannot be fixed. I feel that we are at that point in time. I have spent almost a month waiting for this washer machine to be repaired. At what point is it deemed a total loss? Kenmore "Oasis" Elite Total Care Flex-King Size Capacity Plus-Quiet Pak2, Model 110.28032701, SER CW2471839, Type: 581

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