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Total Card Inc

Country United States
State South Dakota
City Souix Falls
Address 5109 S. Broadband Lane
Phone 605-977-5800

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  • Jan 31, 2017

While searching for credit card offers for those with imperfect credit and the site indicated that Total Card would give me a card so I applied for a Total Credit Card and was asked to email or mail them a copy of my drivers license and SS Card. I faxed it to them twice and waited for the card but instead I get a letter claiming that I owe Pheionix University $1650.00 but the problem is I have never attended that school and I graduated from Ashford University and attended South University prior to Ashford. I know what they will do is claim that they have a copy of my SS Card and License when in fact they have it under false pretenses and this was deception to the extreme. I want this company stopped from victimizing others and to stop these illegal practices.

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