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Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles
Address Sunset Blvd
Phone (213) 443-6705

TORQUE Reviews

  • Apr 29, 2018

I was contacted by Geoff after putting my car on, he cliamed that he had 10 people lined up to take over my lease of my BMW B7 Alpina and get it out of my name. He agreed to he would make payments until this he found the right person. Once he got my car it was impossable to contact him either by phone, email or text. On occiasion he would give a vauge and short responce but would not take my phone calls.

Once I realized something was not right I began doing my research to find he made no effort to market my car to potential buyers, I also noticed that his two websites which I listed are 100% indentical except for the name. I also notice that in almost 5 months he advertised the same 4 cars none of which were mine. This is part of his scam to make him look legit. First payment was 14 days late, second payment 24 days late after he bounced the check to BMW. Third, forth and fifth payments have never been made becuase Geoff claims he does not have the money to pay them. In his agreement he claims that after 30 days if he does not find a buyer he has the right to do one day rentals to help recoop the monthly paymnets he makes.

This is his scam, after investigating many complaints and speaking with the LA police I discovered he never had any intention to find someone to take over my lease and get it out of my name, what Geoff does is high end vehicle rentals and or his owe leases, this is his real business. After begging for proof of insurance which in his agreement he states he will cover he finally sends me a picture of the insurance card. I was suprised to see it was not in Geoff's name or his company but in the name of the guy he rented my car to. When I question him on this he would not respond. I requested to have him return my car which he refused only to find out later that his "renter" got into an accident which resulted in $25,000 in damages.

I noticed on several of these simular complaints about Geoff he replies by denying any guilt, do your research. Why are there so many victims with the same complaint. Do your research on Geoff and his other fake names, once you see his past you will not be suprised that he hurts peole this way, I only regret I did a better job doing my research before giving him my car. When you speak to him he is very slick and convincing as most con men are. As other victims have stated they are interested in a class action civil action, I think this is a waste of time what Geoff needs is to spend more time in jail to think about his victims and I will not rest until that happens.

This evil man is still out there today victimizing innocent people in some cases deparite to get out of thieer leases only to end up with losing thier car, payments not made and in many cases severe damage to their car. Do not make the same mistake many of us have, do not trust this crook.

Todd Wolf the retired vehicle theft investigator please help us put this guy away for a long time, if you are real how do we contact you and how can you help us? I hope to hear form you..thanks!

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