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Toronto Delivery and Courier

Country Canada
City Toronto, Ontario
Phone 647-964-4796

Toronto Delivery and Courier Reviews

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  • Sep 5, 2015

Please stay far away from this company.

I called for a simple move and was quote $50/hour for two men and truck with a one hour transportation charge, and a three hour minimum. I mistakenly agreed to it.

The tear tatooed men arrived an hour late with no apology. They smoked while working which has now penetrated my belongings.

After loading they demanded

$45 for each article they determined was heavy

$35 for each flight of stairs per mover

Cash up front

20% additional for insurance or "who knows what will happen to the articles"

After loading they refused to return my goods when I refused to pay anything other than the agreed upon price. I was sworn and yelled at.

The police needed to be called.

This is a scam. An easy one to pull off.

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  • Jan 1, 2016

Toronto delivery and courier

Beware of them. Thye say 45$ per hour but you will end up paying more than 1000...they were three hours late and threatened to throw our stuff in the street!

  • Sep 18, 2015

I contact this compnay through kijiji and nowhere in our email correspondence was i advised of all the "add ons" to the actual contract ever mention, nor the deposit, not even when i had specifically asked about what charges would be incurred. Nor was i directed to any website or provided the contract in advance to actually determine if i should proceed with your service. They only reviewed the contract when they get there. After arriving 1 hour after the original time requested and then to say we could have not accepted their services, when i only had 1.5 hours to complete my move? That being said, the contract states they have insurance to cover for all damages, however they have not returned any of my emails. Hoping more people will report this scam arts all over social media and maybe we can ban to get them out of business.

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