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Country United States
State California
City Palo Alto
Address 292 Lambert Ave
Phone 650-251-4424

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  • May 14, 2018

Some bids that I win are cancelled. They use the excuse that my credit card was cancelled. I call the credit card company and they said no we did not decline anything, which they never do.

I am assuming that they are lying as the bid that I won was too low and they want more money.

Then try contacting their support people. It's virtually impossible to contact them.


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  • Oct 12, 2016

Purchased many items in a 3-4 week period of time. 2 of those items were electronic and just plain do not work at all. A hair straightener and hair remover. I asked for a refund and Tophatter refused and said too much time had passed. It was one week. I would pay for the shipping myself to return them but they would probably just say they never received it from what i have seen so far. I would reccomend never purchasing anything from this company unless you are prepared to be ripped off.

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  • Feb 10, 2017

This applications can be downloaded on a smart phone or used on a regular PC. They barely certify any of their third party sellers, and practically anyone can claim their products aunthenticity. It seems legit because these third parties are usually business with a location and a complete website. Pretty much every piece of jewelry I've ever won from these apps has been 100% fake.

  • Sep 27, 2016

Purchased a ring off claimed it was rhodium plated. Emerald and diamonds in silver setting with rhodium plate I knew the stones werent real but i wore the ring for an hour and the plating had worn off to show a brass ring underneath pure garbage. I have some great custome pieces one bracelet from the 1940's so i know how to take care of it Not to mention the 2 orders i never recieved. I filed complaints and nothing was ever responded to. So now i wont be buying anything off the internet one bad apple ruins it all for the whole barrel Be warned they will take your money its a ripoff

  • Aug 15, 2016

These fees are not even close to alright !

Here is a breakdown in my sales payout today.

204.00 in sales

140.00 in fees ( are you &^$^ me) ?

63.64 payout.

Where would a company of any kind think that this was going to make happy "employees? No where I know of. Most of these fees are the .50cent scheduling fees for unsolds .That`s OVER 2/3 rds of my sales. My products that I paid for and this is sickning. ! These unsolds have got to come up with a serious compromise here. I would like to limit my unsolds to 10 a day. If I don`t generate any more sales once the 10 unsolds are reached, it would be no big deal as they just go straight to Tophatter anyway. Something has really got to get on track here.! I have some thinking to do here myself. I CAN'T do this !!!

  • May 26, 2016

This is what sellers make

$600 in sales and after fees my Net was $75. Mind you out of 100 items I sold 49. So I still had to pay $2 for posting item and so once again in the hole. I've sold $3000 total in sales and my Net is 12%. I am basically f$%#ed for 2016 taxes and can't even tell you how stupid I am!! I wanted to give it a fair shot and it left me paying them to take my products. All my products purchased cost me $3 an item average. It's a scam in every way. Please don't forget this, and please don't even try to sell here. I'm a great person, and totally honest... if I didn't warn others God may not be with me... it's the most greed I've ever seen, and don't know how it's legal?

  • Dec 21, 2015

I joined Tophatter auction site, yesterday and listed a few of my items for sale for .50 each. Today I listed a few more for a total of about 10 items. I received an email from tophatter stating that there was no room in the auction at the time I specified to schedule my items. Then I was invited to reschedule the items again for an additional cost of .50 for each item. Since the items were not offered for sale at the auction by Tophatter in the first place, the .50 should be refunded to me, however, they didn't even give me a credit but invited me to re-schedule for another .50 per item. This antic of theirs can go on and on.

I attempted to close my account, but Tophatter stated that they couldn't close it because there were transactions pending.

By the way, I did sell an item for $2.00, but as soon as I realized that Tophatter was ripping me off, I refunded the money to the buyer including the shipping fee.

Now, I am concerned that Tophatter is going to debit my bank account for their listing fees.

  • Nov 26, 2015

TOPHATTER claims to offer $10 credit to new buyers on their website and $10 credit for each person you refer to their site that signs up and purchases something with a value of $10 or greater, I have done this and when i tried to contact TOPHATTER through their support email I never received a reply, I opened 3 support tickets regarding this issue and it was never addressed by them or resolved.

The last item I purchased from their site was a perfume, I was contacted by the seller 9 days after they received my payment to tell me that the item was damaged and that I could take a refund or accept another perfume, (I had one choice for the replacement perfume). I should hopefully get that perfume in the next couple of days, we will see what kind of condition it is in.

Buyers need to made aware of the risks associated with purchasing anything from this site.

  • Nov 23, 2015

I received my order, Order # , however, the same day I received it, I returned it as refused and being returned. Tracking number .

I was notified that the shipper had received the item back. However, I have made several requests for the price of the item be returned to me, and have not gotten any response from shipper.

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