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Topbet Reviews

  • Apr 18, 2017

Top bet is an offshore, online, gaming site. I deposited $500.00 with them for the 2016 NFL season. I played throughout the season and finished up just over $1000.00. I decided to cash out until next season. I emailed them the required copies of my CC and requested a full payout on March 6. I was told I would be paid in full, no service charges or postage charges, and can expect the check within 7 to 16 business day's. 3 weeks later, no check. Called/emailed again, and received several apologies and was told it was processed and I should have it soon. I waited another 3 weeks. Still nothing. Called/emailed again, same excuse. From reading other reviews, it appears Top bet isn't paying anyone out. I will try and contact my CC company to push for a charge back, but it's been so long since the initial charge, I'm certain that won't go anywhere. Steer clear of Top bet. Their ratings have plummeted to a "D minus" now.

  • Jan 17, 2017

This company has owed me over $4,900 50 + days. They say that the payout when you request a withdrawal within 10 to 15 days. Everytime I call I get the same excuse that they're having issues with their processor. I would discourage anyone from doing business with them in the future. This site does not payout!

  • Nov 12, 2016

I wanted to bet on an NFK game so I deposited $250 USD in a topbet account. I made a bet of $100 and lost so figured I might as well get my $150 back.

Topbet said to send a copy of my credit card and my ID. I knew they already had my credit card information so I fazed them what they requested. They noted they could not process my refund until I gave them this information. Then, they said it ewas unreadable and wanted a jpeg photo which I sent.

Then, topbet said I needed to wagger $2,500 in order to get a refund. When I did my deposit, they never mentioned this at all. I had to telephone topbet and my credit card to do the deposit bcause I was having problems with my deposit.

NEVER USE TOPBET. They will scam you out of your money. I have now read other reports online of topbet users who have had similar problems getting money out of their accounts from topbet. I suggest you look online regarding problems with topbet and how they refuse to send you money once they have your money.

  • Aug 11, 2016

It's been over a month since I requested a payout.. I still haven't received my check.. I call everyday to ask for a status update and they give me the same b.s excuses.. They will blame it on there 3rd party processor and stay they don't yet have a tracking number... Basically they don't give you any updates for where your money is... The point is when u lose a bet with them... They get there money right then and there but when you win your bet and want to cash out, they make every excuse not to pay you... DO NOT USE TOPBET... You will not receive your money in a timely fashion.. Also whenever I ask to speak to a manager, magically they are never available... I also noticed the same 3 or 4 people always answer the phone... Suspicious for a big company like TOPBET... I REPEAT DO NOT USE THIS BETTING SITE... Please read other people's reviews first.. We are all basically saying the same thing.

  • Aug 1, 2016

Topbet is an internet gambling website that owes me $2400 that they aren't paying .. i was approved for payment of $2000 on 01july2016 .. and $400 on 09july2016 .. after numerous emails back and fourth .. they keep blaming their " processing " department ..

Tomorrow will be 01aug2016 and still not a dime .. their very own language on their website reads 10-15 business days excluding holidays for payment .. which is a lie .. i'll keep you posted

  • Oct 31, 2015

Most betting sites I've used send you an email after you post money to your account at their sites, which states, "please be aware that your bank account will show a payment to XXXXXX" Topbet does not do this. I set up an account on Topbet and deposited the minimum required to set up an account. I won a bet I placed with Topbet, and then My bank (on their own) blocked the payment request from TopBet to set up the account.... Because the payment request from TopBet, on my bank statement, showed as "" with a phone number. "" is a reall website and their phone number and website address are based in Georgia/Russia. My bank insisted on blocking the payment stating that a new and unrecognized / never before International payment request from China and for the first time ever, there was an attempted transaction for 329.00 from China. Never before has this happened to me.

I called TopBet and they told me that they contract with payment companies all over the globe. I told them about the 329.00 payment request, and that that had only happened since I gave them my debit card info and never before. They told me it had nothing to do with them. Then they told me because my bank blocked the transaction, they were taking my winnings, and if I wanted to retrieve them, I had to wire transfer money to them via person to person then they provided me (as they explained) a randomly generated name of a person located in the Philipinnes to which I was to wire 100.00 to. They said I needed to do this in order to fund my account and gain access again to my winnings. I then sent an email to their main support email address to ask if this was correct and no one has gotten back to me. Luckily, I retained my original investment by my bank blocking their attempted payment request.

  • Sep 18, 2015

Two weeks ago I requested a payout from TOPBET and still have not received anything. In past they always drag their feet but eventually payout. At this point I am very concerned, as now they are not answering their phones. What can I do at this point? I have another $5000 that I requested two days ago, as silly as it sounds. They tell me that it's a processor problem. Please help

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