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Tommy Dail Sales Center

Country United States
State North Carolina
City Farmville
Address 6105 US 13
Phone 252-756-2501

Tommy Dail Sales Center Reviews

  • Nov 7, 2015

I purchased a 2005 Pick up truck from this dealership. It was $12,000. needless to say I had to finance a good portion of that as I only had $2,000 to put down on it. 5 weeks after owning it and not even making the first payment yet, the truck broke down on me. It was running terrible, the check engine light came on and it was dead. I called the dealer and told them I was towing it back to them which I did and paid for out of my own pocket. Upon arriving to the dealer ship, my salesman met me and the tow truck outside; he immediately informed me, while my truck was still hooked up to the tow truck that I was out of warranty. Apparently their warrenty covers 4 weeks and evidentally I had gone over the allotted mileage as well. I told him regardless, I wanted my truck looked at. So, they took my truck and I had to pay for a rental car. The next day, I called this dealer and they said my truck was ready. I picked up the truck and on my way home noticed the "check engine" light was still on, I immediately called the dealership and my salesman answered the phone, he told me that the light would most likely stay on because oil had mixed with the gasoline and this would cause that. The dealer never really told me what was wrong with my truck or what had caused the problem, they did tell me that they had to replace 2 fuel injectors and the cost for parts was $120.00 and they wanted me to pay that. So, I continued to drive the truck, 2 days later on my way home from work, it broke down on a very busy 4 lane road. Frustrated and slightly unnerved about being in the middle of the road broke down, I phoned the dealership. A man answered the phone; I began to tell him my issues, he innterrupted me by telling me I was yelling at him; I tried to explain to him that I was in the middle of the road with a broke down vehicle- he called me a "Mother ******" and hung up on me. Now I was pissed off, I called the dealer again and this time my salesman answered the phone- he already had an attitude as he was aware of my previous call. He would not listen to me, did not care to listen to me, he hung up on me too. I called back a third time and this time the owner answered the phone- again I tried to explain my issue, instead of listening to me, he began to blame me for the truck breaking down. He said I had driven it 2700 miles and that I didn't change the oil; I couldn't believe it, I told him that I had just spent $12,000 on this truck and felt if I needed or wanted to drive it 2700 miles that a vehicle of that cost should be able to handle it. He screamed and yelled and told me he would not help me and then hung up on me. Not once did any of these 3 MEN ask if I was in a safe place, not once did one of them offer to help me, offer to come get me or offer me any resolution to my problem.

I called a tow truck and had the truck towed to a repair shop; the cause of the check engine light was the catalytic converters. The mechanic at the new repair shop told me that there is NO WAY this dealer could not have known the catalytic converters were bad if they just replaced 2 fuel injectors. He couldn't beleive they didn't offer to fix them for me or let me know about the problem.

Bottom line is that this dealer knew this truck had additional mechanical issues due to the check engine light still being on when it left their dealership. They sent a single woman new to the area out on her own with an unreliable vehicle and they didn't give a ****. 3 MEN answered the phone and did nothing to offer help. This by far has been the WORST CAR BUYING EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. I WILL NEVER recommend this dealer to anyone. My advice is to steer as far clear from this place as possible-there are too many other dealers who can help you and who may actually CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS.

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