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Tom Scott Honda

Country United States
State Idaho
City Nampa
Address 603 11th Ave N
Phone 208-466-3248

Tom Scott Honda Reviews

  • Jun 24, 2018

I purchased a used 2001 Nissan Maxima there in May of 2014. This 2018 anniversary of that purchase reminded me to post this. I've since lost their ad that said this car was "The 20th anniversary" model, it was not. This was a GLE, not the SE, that's on me as well. Some of you may recall the image of this Maxima on their Show Room floor. It's pearl white. In retrospect, I was a little bothered about thier quiet conversations Sales and Management had behind the cubicles while peeking back at desk I was signing papers on. I was paying cash so it wasn't a credit decision? Could this be what it was about? The Maxima's "Check Engine" light came on within 400 miles. They said since I bought it "as is", well you know the rest of how that goes. This is different. I've since discovered what they had done, an act which is unconscionable for an experienced Dealership. No wonder this Maxima remained on the floor for about a year.

The Dealership had to have reset the computer in order to conceal the much dreaded P0420,P0430 codes. To date I cannot pass a smog test. Thanks to the AQMD a financial waiver gave me until 11/2018. In a nutshell, all of the exhaust system needs replacement, particularly the Catalytic converters and pre-catalytic converters. I asked several local mechanics about this problem and they said only the dishonest dealerships still perform this "trick", of resetting the computer codes hoping the codes don't come back via Check Engine light until your way down the road. One even said turning back the odometer may be ongoing at such dealerships. Had I been more learned in the law I would have followed through. Please report to the consumer protection groups such as CFPB so that this cannot go on w/o consequences. I have posted before and it seems to have been removed, I hope this helps you in making a decision, and have a mechanic put any used car on an OBD2 scanner before you buy. This will tell when it was cleared of any serious problems. Bob M. (purchase receipt avail)

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