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Country Bulgaria
City Sofia
Address 23 Dragan Tsankov blvd.
Phone 359 892241080

TokenGet Reviews

  • May 3, 2018

Critical Alert: Warning Regarding The Company TokenGet This is a critical alert for all cryptocurrency investors, enthusiasts, and companies who may come into contact with TokenGet, from Sophia, Bulgaria. ( TokenGet is a company that MOBILINK-COIN hired and paid up-front for their Turnkey ICO solution. In fact, the CEO, Viktor Petrov, attends many of the international crypto conferences to recruit individuals to work with his company. TokenGet was recommended by respected ICO advisors. For months, all activity, implementation, and communication worked smoothly; however, as our ICO end date drew closer, we needed to extend out ICO launch by 20 days and

Tokenget went sideways demanding full payment for the extension. We assumed as a partner, there would be no issues and that greed would not drive the combined goals of launching our ICO. We are alleging TokenGet silently hijacked the entire system. Our investigators alleging that: 1. TokenGet hacked into MOBILINK-COIN's Google-cloud and changed passwords and all credentials, which, in addition to other information, stole the company's payment data. 2. TokenGet moved the backend platform from our Google-cloud account and stole our database after locking us out. 3. TokenGet misappropriated tokens to four separate wallets without our authorization or knowledge. There was a possible theft or at a

minimum, misappropriation of at least 900 million tokens. Those four transactions occurred just days before our ICO end date which equates to 15 times more than the entire ICO sold. 4. TokenGet attempted to extort MOBILINK-COIN by refusing to give back our database and platform in which the company already paid all fees in advance of TokenGet doing any work. 5. TokenGet misled and misinformed MOBILINK-COIN when they created the ERC20 token and created it with their own ETH Address instead of having our company create it. This was purposely done so they would be able to extort or manipulate the token at any time without MOBILINK-COIN or its investors' knowledge. We have taken several critical

steps to protect each of our investors with a brand-new token and dashboard; we will go live on several Exchanges in the next few days. Because we have created a new token, this means the old MOBL token becomes an abandoned token; therefore, has no value. The lack of integrity and willingness to behave illicitly on the part of TokenGet is simply unacceptable. No company should be held hostage by a mafia-like organization who is extorting, stealing, and causing industry-wide concerns in the crypto world. We are taking steps to ensure TokenGet is caught and prosecuted for what appears to be breaking Bulgarian and international laws. For those companies currently working with TokenGet, we advise

you take immediate steps to gain full access to all areas of your business in order to not allow the same challenge to occur. While none of our investors will be harmed by what happened to us, we have significantly lost time and important resources, and we will not allow thugs like TokenGet to get away with this type of nefarious and damaging harm. We are calling out not only TokenGet but a sister company called, who has our logo on their website are partnered in this malfeasance along with Nashwan Khatib owner of Mena Software. In a civil world, there are always remedies to support the continued success of a legitimate ICO that has hired an ICO developer. The allegations above

came after recorded threats to do harm against an ICO. While the world talks about fraudulent ICOs, nobody ever talks about ICO developers that commit alleged acts of fraud against their clients. The fact tokens were transferred out of our account is clearly a malicious intent to defraud their client, Mobilink-Coin If you are principal from a company working with TokenGet, and have specific questions, please feel free to email us at [email protected] We do not want this to happen to another company.

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