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TKO Strength & Performance

Country United States
State Texas
City Houston
Address 4660 Pine Timbers St #198
Phone 713-895-9270

TKO Strength & Performance Reviews

  • Aug 31, 2016

In march of 2016, i was called by a young lady claiming to be a cheerleader from the local high school. She was seeking sponsorships from local businesses in support of the altheltic department. If i were to sign up that day, i would receive a discount on an ad that would be printed on t-shirts that would be distributed by the high school. The price also included 2 free t-shirts. I agreed to pay for the ad to help out the local high school. At that point i was instructed that i would receive a phone call from tko sports to discuss the content and the design of that ad as well as take payment. Payment was taken on march 7 2016. I never heard anything again. No t-shirts came. Ne receipt. Nothing. Three months later i was charged another $180. I didn't notice this charge until my accountant pointed it out to me in august. At that point, i called the company and the same girl posing as the cheerleader answered.

I knew right away that it was her and her baby voice. I even told her that i had spoken with her before. I still wasn't sure if this was a scam, but was calling to let them know i had been accidentally charged twice and needed to be refunded the second charge. The "manager", "marcus fisher, made it very clear that i had approved both of the charges and that he would not be refunding my money. It didn't matter how much i explained to him that no one in their right mind would print the same advertisement twice on the same t-shirt for the double the money. He then told me that i would be getting one ad at double the size now. I told him that i didn't want that and thay i would like to have the second charge refunded. It was becoming more and more clear, that this is a scam. He told me, "well, the customer isn't always right" and "clearly, you must have had one too many drinks when you agreed to the second payment", and "why would you be dumb enough to give your information out over the phone?". The conversation escaleted to the point that i asked to speak to his superior who he claims is jeff kirk, the owner. But in the three times i called, jeff kirk was never around and marcus was the person i had to deal with.

I immediately called my bank and they are in the process of filing fraud on their end and put a stop payment on any other charges that may come from tko sports. I clearly did make the mistake of approving the first charge, but no second charge was ever approved by me over the phone.

I then went to google and with one easy search, several reports on tko came up as a scam. It was clear that i had been scammed, albiet an elaborate scame with a nice looking website, and a phone number with customer service based out of fort mohave, az.

In digging deeper, i went to the high school that the girl called me from. I spoke to the vice principal/atheletics dpt head and was informed that i had been scammed. They have never dealt with tko sports, but a few years back someone had been scammed the same way. I was then sent to the school officer who instructed me to go to the police department and file a report on them.

I called the company again and tried to talk to "jeff kirk", the owner, but was once again told he wasn't available. I informed marcus of the information that i had found and that it was clear i had been scammed. I wanted to give him the opportunity to give me my money back.

I might not be getting my money back, but hopefully this will save someone else from being scammed.

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