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Country United States
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Address 8305 NW 27th St #101
Phone 888-296-8858

TissueTech Reviews

  • Jul 29, 2017

In the year 2005, I reponded to an add on TV by invent tech. and since my mother had CJHF Congestive Heart Failure. So I was trying to find out how I could relieve her suffering. I ask her her about how her small humidifyer helped her. and she told me;"It Helps me to breathe better. So; I came up with the Idea of a Clean Air Exchange unit that would both pump clean air in the house while Di-humidifying the air, and at the same time coling the air, and then pumping bad air out after it was filtered through a system by motors. well I just found out that it was called the Energy Recovery Ventilator, or a Heat Exchange Unit. Some kind of way the Employee, or Invent Tech sold my idea to a Thomas Leck Patent Number: US 20060245944 A1. Donlald Bivens, Fuquin Zhoa, Miroslav Rohacek, and Paul Mather expanded on the idea. The representative ask me for $5,000. And told me I would have to go around to various shows in order for me to present my ideas. I never heard from him again. I was walking around at the Maimi VA Hospital as a patient, and I saw my invention and ask some maintenance man what it was, and he said;"IT WAS AN ANALYZE SYSTEM, OR A HEAT AIR EXCHANGE SYTEM. I have come to find out that it is now called:' AN ENERGY RECOVERY VENTILATOR, (ERV), OR A HEAT RECOVERY SYSTEM, (HRV).

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