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Tire Discounters

Country United States
State Ohio
City Reynoldsburg
Address 8197 E. Broad St
Phone 614-729-6027

Tire Discounters Reviews

  • Apr 12, 2019

My mother went in there to change tires on her 2001 saturn vehicle, after 3 months of use her tires were unevenly worn down to the wires in the tire, immediatly I knew someone had tampered with the camber angle of the tires, and sure enough I checked and it was indeed tampered with.

These people had purposely tampered with my mothers car to prematurely wear tires she just bought so she could come right back in and buy the same exact tires a second time. I tried to explain this to the man at the counter and he legitimately acted like I didnt exist when I walked in with my mother and tried to explain what they did, he didn't have a single word to say, but after we came back to pick up the car but guess what?

The camber was magically fixed and the tires didnt premarely wear after that. They totally know what they are doing. They are targeting single women ripping them off and putting their lives in danger because the tire looked brand new from the outside on the inside wall it was about to pop and any moment. Nobody should be able to get away with such a thing.

  • Jul 14, 2018

I purchased a new set of tires in September of 2017. I am currently 5mos pregnant and drive my 5 year old daughter around. I value my family's safety with the utmost importance. I brought my Jeep into Tire Discounters in Reynoldsburg, Ohio less than 2 months ago for a tire repair. I was called at the conclusion of service with a thumbs up and no recommendations for additional repairs of concerns.

Less than 2 months later during a routine oil change at a different company, I was told my rear tires were bald and needed to be replaced. I knew this was a warranty issue as I've only had the tires 9mos and they were inspected a little over a month ago. The management at Tire Discounters told me that my tires have not been rotated and therefore do not qualify for replacement, and they can only offer me a prorated discount. My tires were inspected during a repair less than 2 months ago and passed.

The only option Tire Discounters will offer me is to purchase new tires at a prorated rate. Their assessment that the tires cannot be covered under warranty is a complete ripoff. Tire Discounters did not rotate my tires at my last appointment because they felt they did not need to be rotated. I have since put 4,200 miles on the tires. The warranty states they should be rotated every 5,000 miles. I don't understand how the tires can pass inspection less than 2 months ago but now need replaced.

I have not paid to have this service completed because I believe they are selling a substandard product that they have no intention of standing by. Tire Discounters is in the business of selling tires and do everything they can to try to make you buy new tires and void any warranty that they have lured you in with. If their own expert installer does not recommend a tire rotation or feel they are worn down, how would I know?

Thank goodness I don't go to them for my oil changes or I would have spun out on the road somewhere by now. I'm afraid to accept a new tire from them as my 5 year old and unborn child depend on my safety.

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