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Tinnovate, LLC.

Country United States
State California
City Diamond Bar
Address 1550 Valley Vista Drive
Phone (805) 298-6698

Tinnovate, LLC. Reviews

  • Oct 4, 2017

Pucharsed a new Westinghouse TV from Best Buy, took it home and it would not turn on. returned it for a replacement at Best Buy took itn home and it turned on. The TV was for a spare bedroom and was not used but whern a friend came to visit 3-4 weeks later the TV would not turn on. I took it back to Best Buy with the receipt and they informed mke their warranty period had expired and I would havwe to deal with the manufacturer.

I contacted Westinghouse and was given a run around for several weeks online and had to provide receipts, photos, serial numbers, descriptions of issues and in general put through a very rigorous routine similar to obtaining a new mortgage from a bank. After about a month of communications I was informed I would havwe to box the TV and pay to return it. I offered to bring it personally but was advised they do not accept and returns in person so I went to UPS and paid $70 to retiun the TV by ground with insurance and return receipt.

Once I confirmed they ahd received the TV I contacted them again and was told my case was being reviewd and they would get back to me. After another month or so and 30+ emails they decided to send me a refurbished TV of "any brand" that was similar to the defective one I purchased. NOT the same model but a similar model. After a few more weeks passed I received a TV in the mail and it too, was cracked and it did not work.

I contacted Westinhouse again to inform them and sent pictiures and serial numbers and descriptions and waited some more weeks and was advised I would have to take itn to a recycling center and get proof of receipt and then after I sent proof of receipt from an authorizwed recycling center they would issue a refund. I did this and sent a receipt and after several weeks I did receive a refund.

I lost several months of my time, spent at least 10 hours communicating and providing photos and documentation and was maybe the greatest challenge of my life other than raising a child. gewtting a mortgage was simple in comparison. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING WESTINGHOUSE or deal with TINNOVATE, LLC from Diamond Bar, California.

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