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Timothy Parks Construction, Inc.

Country United States
State Florida
City Clermont
Address 614 E Hwy 50 #101
Phone 407-450-5038

Timothy Parks Construction, Inc. Reviews

  • Aug 29, 2017

In early August of 2017, Timothy Parks of Timothy Parks Construction and Roofing Inc. contacted me asking me to quote him on finishing a site for him. He said he had all of the content and meta descriptions already written. This was supposed to be a simple copy paste job with of course some edits to ensure proper writing.

During the development time of the site, my grandfather passed away. I went out of state to be with family. In my haste, I didnt notify Mr. Parks. Naturally you can imagine he was not happy about it. I found a laptop at my grandmother's house and began to work on his site as my grief kept me up all night, so I figured I would work and just get his project done. August 21st, 11 days total time since his deposit was made via Venmo, Timothy Parks Construction and Roofing Inc had a new site. In fact, Mr. Parks directly took his "Coming Soon" page down so the world could see his magnificent site.

Hey, I do good work and I take pride in that.

From CSS transitions per content block (neat little animations that add zing to your user experience), to extremely well written content and metas, this site sang the best song for any construction contractor in his area. There was love and grief put into making his site a reality. When you see it, you can tell care was put into it.

After the funeral, I came back to Florida and caught a really bad cold. The first chance I felt capable of not passing out from fever, I contacted Tim Parks. He had his "assistant" make some changes to the site. I tried to see if I had admin access and realized I was already blocked out. Naturally, I asked Mr. Parks if he had received my email. He said that he had. He never responded.

After trying to call him, Mr. Parks decided to text me instead. He said "If you feel that what you've done was what I asked we have a huge disagreement" and "You were supposed to rewrite those pages. It was copy and pasted. I worked on a few to get the marketing started." This was not the case as I had quoted him at $40 for new pages and $10 for copy paste with edits. This is the price he paid. This is the price in the contract. Why then sign is and make a deposit if thats not what he wanted?

To answer this question, read some Yelp! reviews about this pathetic excuse of life. He clearly paid one person to write a nice Yelp! review. Only 1 review online gives him top marks. This is the Yelp! review in question. EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE else that gives this pathetic excuse of life a rating gives him the lowest possible score with comments even going so far as to wish they could give him a negative score.

Feel free to contact me. I am pursuing the small amount in question through arbitration and my my attorney. This d****ebag is a crook and is slimier than a monkfish. One way or another, I will have my justice on Timothy Parks. In this life, or the next.

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