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Time Machine Camaros

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 303-808-9096

Time Machine Camaros Reviews

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  • Nov 28, 2015

I had long wanted to get my dream car built with my desired colours and options. I noted on EBay a restoration 'expert' that would provide this service. The deal was struck by phone and email and not on EBay. Spencer Wetherall does all his 'advertising' via EBay, and he manages to avoid negative feedback by not closing the deals on EBay. He advertizes doing ZL1 Camaro and Yenko clones.

A contract was issued by Mr Wetherall, and I insisted that a time of completion be added to the contract. That timeline was 8 to 10 months to complete the build and restoration. In the end, only after I had enlisted legal help and started action, did he produce the car after 4 long, stressfull years!

During the process he was very evasive, hardly ever answering inquiries via email or phone. During the 4 years, he often promised that it was near completion. Mistakes were made, costs rose, and arguements over the enterpretation of the contract. He forgot to add painted stripes as per the contract. And in my opinion, along the way he was the most un-professional business person one could deal with.

He talks the talk, but seems he cannot organize his business and produce on an acceptable time frame, and I would really question his business ethics along the way.

He even uses Jerry MacNeish as a reference, but upon inquiry, Mr MacNeish seems very vague about Mr Spencer Wetherall.

Upon delivery, the Camaro convertible arrived without some parts that were stock to a 1969 Camaro convertible, ie the anti-vibration 'cocktail shakers'. The parking brakes did not function at all. Within the first week the starter died and the waterpump leaked. The convertible top was poorly fitted and had to be re-done. And numerous other nagging deficientcies....after 4 years and a huge investment!

It totally sapped my enthusiasm for a long dreamed about hobby car.

I would totally recommend that anyone thinking of getting a car built or restored to avoid Mr Spencer Wetherall, or what he calls "Time Machine Camaros".

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