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Time 2 Get Away Network, LLC.

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 600 S 3rd St

Time 2 Get Away Network, LLC. Reviews

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  • Dec 1, 2017

Yet another SCAM by Time2GetAway Network

I could echo, word for word, comments by others. They call saying they are with Caesar's, valued VIP traveler, no timeshare or sales presentation, etc. I booked and traveled. Put me up at Excalibur which badly needs renovations. Had to sit through travel club presentation (Tripps Travel Network and those people were very nice and not pressure sales people). Then when trying to received "premiums" or gifts, I was told that Time2GetAway's vendor "broke their contract" and I would not be receiving the $200 prepaid Visa card. But... Time2GetAway would give me a Certificate for "airfare & hotel for two" but it does not say how many days it is for. They also gave be a certificate for "7 night resort/condo stay at one of 3500 locations" The cost to "activate each - $50 for one and $15.95 for the other. Then to actually take the trips, the costs are $398 per week for the 7 days and $199 per person for the hotel/airfare. Folks, don't consider doing any business with Time2GetAway. Their gifting broker breaks the contract with Time2GetAway but YOU suffer the consequences. That $200 Visa card could be used anywhere but you have to pay, pay, pay for the "gifts" or "premiums". Total Scam.

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  • Aug 18, 2017

Time2getaway is a RIP OFF company

They got me $450. They did not do any of the things that was promised. DO NOT DO BUSNESS WITH TIME2GETAWAY. A rip off company

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  • Feb 7, 2018

Stay away!

In July 2017 we and another couple each paid $299 for 4 days/3 nights in Las Vegas. Salesman, Mike Reynolds, was very nice and very helpful from July through January. Things changed this morning.

Went to our sales presentation today. They switched companies on us at the last minute, so instead of going to a presentation at the Hard Rock Cafe, per our agreement, we we were told to report to a sales office for My Dream Shares on Flamingo Drive. We were told to arrive 30 minutes before our 10 am appointment. We got there at 9:30 and the doors were locked, but there were lights on. We knocked and knocked---no answer. The building manager came by and called them to tell them we were out there. No one let us in. At 9:55 they finally came out and opened the door and seemed surprised that we were upset.

Sales pitch---typical vacation package, salesman was nice and not pushy. Time to get our free gifts---they substituted something different for all three that we had been promised, and the subs were very sub-standard. When we questioned this, Walter told us that My Dream Shares has no control over what the salesmen promise us---"Some of them are liars," were his words.

Instead of two free dinners at Pampas Brazillian Steak House---we got a gift card that requires us to pay to use it. Free dinners will now cost us $50.

Instead of two free dinners at Casi di Amore---we got a coupon for a buy one get one free. Free dinners will now cost us somewhere between $30 and $50.

Instead of four free tickets to two different shows at Planet Hollywood, we got a handful of coupons for B-grade shows----none of them are free. Cheapest one will cost us each a $5 box office fee, the rest are Buy one Get one, once again we'll need to spend more money to use them.

I called Mike Reynolds to complain---he basically told me that I had misunderstood his promises. He claims that he never used the word FREE DINNERS or FREE SHOWS....though my notes from our first conversation clearly state that he absolutely implied that these things would be FREE.

Tomorrow is our final day in Vegas, and I know the odds of getting any of those free gifts is next to zero. Supposedly, there is also a $200 Visa gift card---but Mike says that part of the package is handled by another vendor and he has no control over it----I am certain that it will never arrive.

All in all, each couple spent over $400 for this Vegas getaway (in addition to the original $299 we had to pay $109 resort fee at our hotel)---and sat through a two hour presentation for nothing. We could have stayed at the casino across the street for $85 per night (total $255). Hopefully, if you are reading this review, I will save you from the same fate!

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  • Jul 7, 2017

Received a phone call from a man pretending to be affiliated with Caesars entertainment new LINC Casino on vegas strip. Knew we stayed Caesars prior. Offered a prepaid Linc hotel stay 4 days and 3 nights, limo and lunch at Brazilian place, for $399.00. When asked if it was a timeshare. He said no. It's a promo to introduce hotel to new customers All they ask is you fill out a computer survey. No email, no letter, no way to contact in March 2017, April looked up website when VISA statement arrived , no package listed. Disputed with VISA. They countered with a piece of paper saying I duudnt take trip. I countered with I used said VISA to fly to vegas, stayed another hotel and rental car, if I prepaid a hotel I c oould use I would not pay for another. VISA said. But they said they didn't really say LINC. No. They clearly said LINC. Which is where Wedding guests stayed for the reason we went go vegas. Total rip off, not truthful, scam, don't return calls, can't book us at LINC. Mislead VISA.

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  • Jun 16, 2017

I paid $300 for this trip, tried to get the itenerary from them from 9am to 7pm sending email requests, they sent it by email after 9pm booking the hotel through and never actually paying for it. called the hotel in the morning and the booking was cancelled, called & emailed the company and no response. they call me back after 2 weeks looking for an additional $75 not realizing they had allready ripped me off. and their excuse is that i did not call the hotel before midnight after receiving the itenerary after 9pm so it was cancelled. of course no where in any of the documentation does it state that you have to call the hotel by midnight, but it is obvious that these people are in the business of ripping people off and they do this through a number of businesses. they got me for my $300 and its obvious that they are doing this to thousands of people. LAS VEGAS Nevada

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