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Tim Wilson

Country United States
State Nebraska
City Hastings
Address 519 E 9th
Phone 402-460-0737

Tim Wilson Reviews

  • Jul 5, 2018

Tim Wilson is a clasical sociopath who was referred to me by HOME ADVISOR, an obviously worthless Angies' list flanker charger people to lsit and lmisreprsenting the crdentils and basckgrounds of people they are only doing sex offender research on!

He actred very interested and eager to reside my office. He proposed a good product to use-checked out thoroughly by me. His "crew"-possibly documented-showed up and began slowly and inefficiently stripping old cedar and incorrectly ands incompletely replacing some rotten underlayment. They then dawdled over 2 to three weeks trying to improperly secure cement siding in a fashion that would immediately void the warranty. Large gaps greater than 1/2" were sloppily filled with caulk or nothing. Boards were improperly cut and improperly anchored. Electrical fixtures are left hanging or thrown to ground and broken. Nails are everywhere rto be stepped on. Corners are done incorerectlt or not at all. soffetts are covered eliminating proper building ventilation and they even broke a sprinkler.

Tim and company left and did not complete or correct their work upon receiving a check advance he requested including $2000 he wanted for extensive gutters he never supplied.

This man belongs in prison for fraud and incompetence. Home Adviso needs to be censored and closed down.

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