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Tim Hortons

Country United States
State New York
City Buffalo

Tim Hortons Reviews

  • Oct 14, 2018

My 87 year old mother and I went to visit the Tim Hortons location at: 3222 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario Canada M4N 2L2 (416) 850-0137 today being Monday, October 15, 2018 at approximately 11:15 a.m. and the Very First Thing That We Noticed Was A Dirty, Young Man Of Around 35 Years Old Begging For Money, Cigarettes And Drugs Right In Front Of The Store On Their Property!

This was absolutely Grossly Disgusting and Offensive!

I can Not Believe that the employees of this store do Not Even Do A Good Enough Job At Monitoring Their Store and Protecting Their Customers.

This Creep Not Only Harassed Both My 87 Year Old Mother And Myself, but after WE walked inside the store, he followed us in there and he Made Our Tim Hortons Dining Experience So Uncomfortable that I had to Complain About It To Their On Duty Manager/Supervisor.

If it were Not For My Direct Complaint About This Disgusting Person Who Ruined Our Dining Experience, Then Your Store Employees Would Have Done Nothing About It (After We Spent Almost $15.00 Dollars At Your Store For Nothing)!

We Came There Just To Be Terrorized And Harassed As A Tim Hortons Customer!

I Do Not Think So!

It Is Not My Job To Keep Your Store And Customers Safe!

It Is Your Employees!

I Do Not Work There!

Besides That: There was Not One (1) Single Plug Outlet For Paying Customers To Use To Charge Up Their Cellular Phone and/or Laptop Computer. Ridiculous!

This is far from What I Expect that Tim Hortons Customers should have to go through with Visiting A Tim Hortons Location!

We are Not Going Back There!

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Howard P S

Mrs. Helene S, My 87 Year Old Mother

Angry And Upset Customers


PS: We Do Have The Receipts And Transactions Numbers For Proof That We Were In Fact Customers Of Your Store Today!

  • Jul 31, 2017

Walked in to Tim Horten's ,no one was present behind the counter , I waited approx 5 minutes and no one came out from the back to assist me,I walked out . I contacted Tim Horten's customer service ,on 3 seperate occasions via telephone. They assured me that the area manager would contact me with in 48 hours ,it been over six weeks and no return phone calls .I pass by this location approx.6 times a week if not more and stop in for coffee 4 times a week . not any more ,I stop at McDonald's right down the street,.another Tim Horten's on M-59 in Utica, Michigan stopped in at 6:08 am ,the sign said open at 6 am .as I got in my car to leave an employee came up to my window and said we are open,I said No Thanks,still have not heard from the area manager either.they lost my business .I feel if this is there way of customer servive ,it is poor

  • Jun 19, 2017

Before i was hired i was told they were hiring for full time. Needed a full time job fast. I was hired as a full timer. Worked 6-2 monday through friday. After a while my hours were taken away. And i was told that i had to close in order to keep my hours. Which was fine. Only i could give mornings due to my other job. I explained i could do only mornings. Manager took my hours and gave them away to other that have worked there longer than me. Was promised my 40 hours back if i stuck with night, but my hours decreased more over time. I am noww about to work 19 hours next week but i am a "full time" employee. The schedule shows everyone else 4-5 days wit FULL TIME HOURS. But my hours were cut. I have problems with the supervisor. She is disrespectful and told other she does not like me. I also overheard her talking about fighting. So i assumed it was about me. She is the manager niece. The manager is not aware due to i could not actually talk to her before she leaves when i arrive to work. My hours were cut after the supervisor said something about hours being cut. I spoke to the baker and he and others still have the same hours. More employees are working mornings. And i am still a closer with less hours. I have called to speak to h.r and yet have to wait for a call. More employees are being rude to me as time goes on. I do not like my job but i tolerate it because i need the money. But i want somethimg to be done. With the managers, employees and my pay. I am full timer and working part time so other can have more hours it seems. If you are able to help me that would be deeply appreiciated. I am a hard worker and follow all instruction when i need to. I do not talk to anyone except the baker. My manager told me the reason why i barely have hours is because she hired new people and have to be fair. But they work 4-5 days a week and i only have 2-3. And the other employees get to work mornings because they have been there longer than i have. I have spoke to my manager about my hours that i want more and to work mornings not just the weekend as well. Things are not getting better. Im a great person. So the help is needed. I just want my hours i was garuanteed from the beginning. Not less than 30. Thank you. Full timer being ripped off here

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