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Tim Dahle Nissan Murray

Country United States
State Utah
City Murray
Address 4528 S State St
Phone 801-269-6400

Tim Dahle Nissan Murray Reviews

  • Oct 14, 2015

I was looking for a vehicle and was called by Tim Dahle sales rep Big Ed who told me to come down and they could get me into a vehicle that day. When we arrived we were told that they could get us into any vehicle we wantedthat was on the lot and to go look at the inventory.

After deciding on an Audi Q7 we were told we needed to put down $500.00 cash which we did and waited for the vehicle to be brought up. While we were waiting I was given the contract and asked about a warranty to which I was Told by Big Ed that the car had just gone through Tim Dahles rigerous inspection program and nothing was wrong with it,I am a person of trust so I trusted him. We took delivery of the Q7 and took off for home.

As we pulled out onto the street the check engine light comes on and I immediately called ED and asked him what the plan was since we were still infront of the dealership.He had me come back in and took me personally over to the service department and introduced me to the head of that department. I asked right then if I could trade the vehicle for another and was told no.Ed told the gentleman to do what ever it took to get the Q7 taken care of and left. This guy took the car back into the service area and I had to wait for something like 45 minutes.

He brought the car back up and said the issue was something simple and that they fixed it at no charge to me. How Nice!! On the way home the light came on after 50 miles which tells me all they did was reset the computor and didnt do anything. I took the car to a local auto parts store where they read the code and told me it was left and right engine banks running too lean. I called Ed back and he told me I needed to get with the manager of service again and make an appointment, which I did. I was told that his facility was not set up to properly diagnos the issue my car was having ( but just the day before he said they could?? and claimed they fixed the issue at no cost to me??) I was told they made an appointment with Youngtown Volkwagen and I needed to bring it to them later thayt week.

What followed were 4 trips to Youngtown VW (74 miles one way ) They replaced a $900.00 dollar vaccum line which the service manager at Tim Dahle immediately popped up and told me that that was not the issue and didnt want to pay ( sounds like he knew what was the real issue all along) and then told me they were a VW dealer and not an Audi dealer so could not properly diagnos my Q7 and that they had told Tim Dahle the same thing and to take my vehicle back and tell Tim dahle they couldnt fix it. We are now on like day 45 of owning this (1st payment hasnt even been made yet) . I had a face to face with the service department manager and Big Ed to try to get this fixed, Ed Garaunteed me they would take care of the issues since it was bought in this condition and then turned around and told us that he was washing his hands of the vehicle and it was now the service departments problem.

I told the person what VW said and suggested that I take the vehicle to Cuttrubus Audi in Layton to which he was VERY reluctant but finally agreed . We are on day 55 now, Cuttrubus has the Q7 and I am waiting for the next item to be replaced, a PCV valve costing $300.00. The service manager at Tim Dahle also pops up with this isnt the issue either and started screaming he wasnt going to pay for that either ( How does he know whats going to work and not unless he knows the REAL issue?) On the way home again and the light goes on, another call to Tim Dahle and another appointment to Cuttrubus.This time the car is in the shop for a week.

Day 74, I get a call from Cuttrubus telling me the motor may have bad timing chains and they need to rip the motor apart to properly diagnos it. The labor is quoted at 60 hours (just to take the motor apart) and that they are 99.9% sure its the timiong chains ( 3 of them) at a cost of roughly $1500.00 each and I am looking at $7,500.00 jsut for tear down and parts. This does not cover reassymbly. I call Tim Dahle and break the good news and am told I need to come back to their store. I am left waiting half the day in the waiting room, people looking at me as they walk in and out of Eds room like I have done something terribly wrong. Finally Ed has me summoned to his office and I am told that there is no warranty on the vehicle and that he is furious at the service department for screwing him over on this and that he will do his best to get the car fixed.

Ive now been there all day, no sign of Ed, and Im finally told he has gone home for the day. The service manager is in a meeting somewhere and no one knows where. I am told that I should go home and call 1st thing in the morning. I decide to drive up and confront this service person face to face the next day and am on site at 7 a.m., he doesnt show until 10 a.m. and tells me that They will not pay to have the car fixed and that Im stuck with it and that Big Ed basically screwed me over by not letting me add a waranty when I asked about it and by not letting me trade the vehicle in when I asked and I am sent back to Ed.

Ed blames the other guy and then tells me the ONLY option I have at this time is to file bankruptcy to get out from under the Q7. I also find out that they have ran over 30 credit reports on me driving my credit score down almost 70 points and that they started running credit reports on my girlfriends mother and we never authorized that at all. This is all happening around the 1st of the year (2015) and now its Oct 2015 and I just got a letter telling that Tim Dahle is still running my credit score!

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