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Tim's Garage

Country United States
State Michigan
City Mason
Address w 48854, 4205 W Columbia Rd
Phone 517-580-0082

Tim's Garage Reviews

  • Aug 3, 2015

Grimey people theiveing every hard working persons good vehicles to make them become all out junkers after they put their lies to work, like your not geting paid enough shame on you peices of trash like your parts. Have literally had nearly all good condition parts on vehicle replaced with junk parts for a "deal"?

"New" parts are wiped off on top and old and dirty on the bottom an there is talk every time of parts that are not the probelm of your car taking it their. Which is supposively something that needs to be fixed says them every time that the vehicle has been there. It's a lie they have tryed a lot and you are not right there to say exactly why it's a lie to defend your vehicle and know the truth about it for "fact".

I have had between $2,000 and $3,000 maybe more of good condition parts,unnecessary labor, and flat out obvious lies about other car parts needing to be fixed every time its been there, Also believe they are a f* cult.

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