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Country United States
State California
City Westlake Village
Address 5716 Corsa Ave #105
Phone 866-204-7557
Website Reviews

  • Sep 24, 2015

The only person Ticket Hitman has a hit out on is YOU! This place has such horrible business practice and should be shut down immediately. After I was found guilty I spoke with Nicole (manager) on the phone and she asked me to send in my guilty verdict within 10 days of receipt so that I would be issued my refund.

She told me that after they reviewed and confirmed my verdict that they would send me a Refund Request Form for me to fill out. I received the Refund Request Form from Ticket Hitman after the 10 day response period. Once I received it I sent it in the same day (within 5 minutes to be exact) and I was told I was ineligible for a refund as I was beyond their 10 day period.

Nicole told me she emailed me a Refund Request for me to fill out within the 10 day period and when I asked her to forward me a copy of that email she refused and she said does not have to forward me a copy for proof. She then told me it is a mass generated email and that it's untraceable?

She refused and is still refusing to provide me with a refund. She then hung up the phone when I requested to speak to someone else as her automated responses of "I'm sorry" and "I understand" meant nothing to me unless she was actually able to act on those words.

Nicole is a troll, Melissa was cool, unfortunately Nicole overseas Melissa, therefore Melissa becomes uncool by default. Stay away from any name or website related to the following as they are all the same greed obsessed money sucking pit from start to finish:

TicketHitMan. TicketKick, TicketBust, TicketBusters, TrafficTicketSuperhero, TrafficTicketSuperHero, DismissSpeedingTickets, BustMyTrafficTicket, etc.

While I may not be able to do anything about my refund, I will feel that much better knowing I may help deter future business away from them and saved countless people from their unecessary mind **ck.

They are currently changing their name to TICKET-KICK in an effort to save face.

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