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Ticket Magic

Country United States
State Connecticut
City East Haven
Address 42 Thompson St #1A
Phone (844) 425-4548

Ticket Magic Reviews

  • May 14, 2018

Company sent email stateing concert was cancelled but changed it to postponed when I requested refund. In 5 months they have not sent any information nor responded to my emails. In 5 MONTHS Nothing. they will not answer me at all sent last email in Febraury and still nothing. They understand that Credit Card disputes expire after 120 days. its been longer then that so nothing I can do to get my $552.00 dollars back and they already know that. Folks if you have tickets that are qoute "postponed" demand a refund and file a dispute immediatley. DO NOT WAIT and try and give them a chance. not with this company anyway.

Folks save yourself the hassle and use they are awesome and customer oriented.

  • May 9, 2018

I was looking for tickets to a John Prine concert in Concord, N.H. Did an internet search, and found a bunch of sites with the same info/seats available. Tried to purchase a ticket online, transaction would not go through, with a phone number posted to call. Called the number.


Person on the other end of the line barely spoke (or seemed to understand) English. Lot's of line noise. It took 25 minutes of painful conversation (repeating spellings, names, etc. multiple times) to get my order in. The order was for 1 ticket for $163. When I asked for the summary of the price, they told me it was $240. I told them that under no circumstances would I purchase the ticket at that price. Unbelievable ripoff!

Later, I found the web address for the actual concert venue, and purchased a better seat for $109 to the same event.

I checked out their website: There is no information on the site, other than links to purchase tickets.... No phone number, address, physical location, nothing.

  • Dec 5, 2017

Ticketmagic - a misleading, unethical ripoff company I wanted to buy a ticket to a concert, so I searched the internet. The first result had the name of the band as the URL, so I thought that was the official site. The ticket page came up with the band's name in a headline. It looked like the tickets were reserved, since they specified a row number, and higher prices for different rows. I bought a ticket, and the confirmation e-mail came from Who are they? I searched for them on the internet and came up with terrible reviews on this site and others as being a ripoff third party outfit. I found the actual official ticket site, and it was an all general admission show, not sold out, and with substantially cheaper ticket and service charge prices. I also saw another third party site, Stubhub, which is ethical and puts their company name in their URL.

I understand that these third party ticket sites are a valuable resource for sold out shows, but the only way they can sell tickets to general admission shows which are not sold out is to mislead people into thinking they are the official ticket site and that the seats are reserved. And now from reading other reviews, I find out that they sometimes sell fake tickets. They say you will get a refund, but you have wasted your time going to the venue, missed the show you wanted to see, and have to go to the trouble of getting a letter from the venue that you were turned away. And even then it seems they are not immediately forthcoming with the refund.

All in all, it's a pretty sleazy way to make money. Congratulations Ticketmagic, you did your job and ripped me off good. Edit

  • Nov 28, 2017

TicketMagic is the worst possible choice for purchasing entertainment tickets. Do not use this company to purchase tickets for any event of any kind. They do not honor the terms of their contracts and you will pay as much as twice the price the price than you woulod form a reputable company such as . You would be better off just staying home rather than spending your money with TicketMagic. I made the mistake of patronizing this company and it was the worst experience I have ever had in obtaining concert tickets.

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