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Thunderbird Collection Specialists Inc.

Country United States
State Arizona
City Scottsdale
Address 3200 N Hayden Rd #100
Phone 4809463299

Thunderbird Collection Specialists Inc. Reviews

  • May 4, 2017

This company calls and calls and calls again! They also record your phone calls and by law you cannot record someone without letting them know. If they call you and don't let you know that they are recording you may want to ask them if they're recording you because you coudl be entiteld to a substantial amount of money under the local and federal lawsof your state, and at zero out of pocket for attorney fees. They will end up having to pay your fees, but I'm not an attorney and you should always seek council.

Shame on Thunderbird Collections!

  • Aug 20, 2016

We are suspecious of Thunderbird's tactics for collection. We currently have an Anethesiolgist bill that our insurance did not pay. Thunderbird failed to show proof the this collection had been placed by the anesthesiologist, and when we told them we were going to contact him directly, we were put on hold and a manager then aswered and basicly pleaded with us that he would make more favorable payment arrangements with us if we remained on the line. Basically, this made us question the business as being reputable.

We paid the company a payment of $750.00, which they now refuse to acknoledge. We just received a bill for the whole amount AGAIN, with no payment shown.

The State Attorney General's office is next on our list to complain about this SCAM.

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