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Thunder Demolition

Country United States
State Florida
City Miami
Address 7373 N.E. 3rd Court , FL 33138 Phone:
Phone 305-757-9444

Thunder Demolition Reviews

  • Sep 24, 2015

9/13 i called landlord to report issue with the ac. It was blowing hot air. 32 hours later the landlord (Rony F. Herrera)called a tech who came out and diagnosed the problem. The technician removed a faulty wire that was keeping the cenral heating on and replaced a breaker at a total call out cost of $125. The technician advised Rony he should immediatley replace the motherboard as it smelled like buring for an additional $425. Rony my landlord did not approve the repair.

9/21 the ac is making funny noices at 10.30pm. No answer or returned call from landlord.

9/22 7am the ac is not working and is iced up at the ac coil behind the filter. 10AM i called landlord no answer. 10:15AM emailed office. 11:30am landlord advised me to go to homedepot and buy an ac coil cleaner kit before he would even call technician. I advised that i would comply but did not feel this would remotely address the issue.

12.30pm ac coils cleaned and relayed to landlord who states he is waiting for the techninian to get the parts.

12:45pm i call technician and he said the landlord does not approve the repair. 12:50pm i call landlord back to confirm and he says yep they are just waiting on the part. I advised landlord that the techniocian said you did not aprrove the repair and nobody is coming out. At this point Rony advised how busy he was with clients and quoting "jobs".

Having explained to Rony i work from home doing data entry and that i am stryggling at 87 degrees. He said he would get back to me.

I said to myself if he or an ac provider hasn't got back to me within the next 4 hours..i would call an ac repair company myself. Well i did and it cost $265 to replace the pcp time delay board on this 11 year old goodman vertical ac unit.

It is now 10:30am 9/23 and i still have not heard anything from my landlord or the technician he said was getting the part. If i had not have handled myself i would still be without ac.

If feel that having faulty ac, hot temperatureand a burning smell in my appartment for seven days is unreasonable. I feel not ever getting a returned call is unreasonable. I feel having to pay for major repairs myself is unreasonable.

BUT, i can live with all the above, it is the way he speaks to me that makes me write this post....Like i am nothing, and worthless and that he is busy with clients and quoting demolition jobs, me sitting in 87 degress and unable to work efficiently is and i quote "something he'll get back to you on".

Thanks for listening.

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