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Thousand Trails Las Vegas RV Resort

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 4295 Boulder Hwy
Phone 1 702-451-2719

Thousand Trails Las Vegas RV Resort Reviews

  • Mar 25, 2019

I bought a membership in good faith planning to travel that year and use it. I even bought 2 zones to enjoy the east coast with. Due to sudden unforseen financial circumstances I had to cancel our trip to Florida and any other travel plans to the US that year. So I called them explaining my situation and didn't even ask for a refund at first but to extend my membership an additional year hoping I could use it then.

Nope, no credit, no refund nothing. Just a "sorry for your troubles, have a nice day" brush off. Just like the airlines, glad to take your money but if you can't use what you bought, sucks to be you. So word of caution. Don't buy from them unless you are absolutely sure you can use your membership. The fine print in the contract I signed only gives you 5 days to ask for a refund and your membership is non tranferable nor can it be sold like it used to be.

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