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Thompson Cigar

Country United States
State Florida
City Tampa
Address 5401 Hangar Ct
Phone 800-216-7107

Thompson Cigar Reviews

  • Oct 8, 2018

I have been ordering from thompson cigars for many years. Jut recently we saw a charge of $14.95 to our bank cc on file with thompsons. The charge states "bp thompson co "totalvalpl 866-2924302fl". After reading on line,this sounds to be a fraudulent charge that thompsons states "after placing an order with us on the web, we offered this membership to you that helps save on cigars, shipping charges and much more". We never signed up for this and most of our orders over the many years have had free shipping. After reviewing thompson cigars web site, i found three different areas that charges may default to: total value plus Tvp) as in the charge stated above, cigar club t&c's and gc tc's. I expect them to review my account and refund any of these charges done in any of the fifteen to twenty years that i have ordered from them. I have written them such. I also removed my bank cc information and all of my information. There is no where on line to remove yourself from their magazine or email, it requests you call in, just like if you ever want to cancel a cigar club it must be done via a phone call, that becomes a pressure sell. I read through the privacy policy and i believe that they have committed fraud.

If you read about half way down their privacy policy, under: #3 "does thompson cigar use cookies?" you will find that they do admit sharing our information with others. They belong to a group called naiconsumers. They do provide a link to opt out of these, www.Networkadvertising.Org/managing/opt_out.Asp, which i have done. It took a good 20 plus minutes. There were over 90 companies, and several stated that "opt out temporarily unavailable". I kept retrying until i was able to remove all but two. I have no idea what i was unable to opt out of! i actually filed a complaint with the nai, stating that thompson cigar has violated the nai code by sharing all of my information without permission. There are many sites that speak to thompson cigars unscrupulous business practices.

If you search, you will be surprised how many there are. On reddit, one group of many complaints calls it the "thompson cigar dupe". There is a group on reddit called the cigar lounge, all former thompson buyers, and they provide other companies that are offering good deals without privacy issues. The florida bbb has thousands of complaints. The Yscam has many as do several other sites. I have requested a refund for my current club account and for whatever months they have charged me the $14.95 and whatever else they maybe have charged!

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