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THMotorsports, Inc.

Country United States
State Illinois
City Morton Grove
Address 5631 Dempster St
Phone 800-959-0145

THMotorsports, Inc. Reviews

  • May 23, 2019

I purchased 4 fuel injectors on 3/1/2019 made by blox from Thmotorsports that were defective and they would not replace or refund. This company is a bad ripp off Read reviews

  • May 31, 2018

THMotorsports claimed they had a brake pad/rotor set in stock and I prefer to support small businesses over Amazon so I decided to try them out. I ordered and then they send a message saying they are "checking warehouses" all over to source the item... so they did not have it in stock, needed to get from their distributor. I asked for cancellation, they said they would in one day. Then I hear nothing, and no refund. Then they say 1-3 day.

It has been 5 business days and they still holding my money for an item they do not have, do not stock, will not be shipping, that they promised cancellation on. Meanwhile my money is tied up, I cannot order elsewhere, I cannot fix my truck, I prefer to support small business... but if I had stuck with reliable Amazon I would already have my parts and my truck fixed!

  • Aug 7, 2015

7/26/15 part was ordered, 7/27/15 recevied an e-mail saying the part was shipped. Great, needed the part for a race the following weekend. 8/5/15 no part, called and was given a tracking number but they didn't know who the shipper was. Was told they'd find out and call me back within 4 hours. I waited 6 and called. After being on hold and hung up on by the automated call center for an hour I was finally able to reach someone. She explained it would take 24 hours to find this information. I insisted that I did not have 24 hours and needed an answer immediately because I've already taken off work and paid the entry fees for this race. After enough complaining she agreed to look it up for me and call right back. She called back and said the part was on back order until 8/30/15. They cancelled the order and had the part overnighted from another company. 8/6/15 the part is still available on their website but for $15 more! Fraud, if the cost of the part goes up before it ships they cancel the order! This company cliams to have parts in stock but if you look up the building it's nothing more than a glorified shed.

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