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TheTruthSpy LLC.

Country United States
State Alabama

TheTruthSpy LLC. Reviews

  • Feb 1, 2018

Truth spy is a complete rip off. The service starts out really good. Every aspect that works with the plan you chose holds up. After about a week into the service i noticed the recordings were not up to standards phone calls being recorded were either being skipped or they wouldnt download in a file format that you could open. The page i ran into stated that i could even get facebook information, but when i paid for the service it then notified me that the device needed to be rooted. Most of all the software quit syncing to the deviced. I even downloaded the software into my phone with internet connected and still it would not sync my phone. I requested a full refund but of course no response from old Joe Allen (support team)

  • Jul 12, 2017

I paid the first month and kinda worked, with missing information. The ambient recording only worked when it wanted too never when I needed it to. Text messages were deleted and hidden from the program. The auto answer feature never worked, not even once. Absolutely none of the whatsapp, facebook, skype, or any other app logging works at all. They lie and claim you have to root the phone for what's app but the Facebook works. It's 100% bullshit. You have to root any phone to no tutor those apps period. Because I was on the verge of catching my girlfriend cheating I paid another month. The same day I sent their support 15 messages and never got one reply. Eventually telling them if I didn't get a reply I would report the website. Within hours of my messages my account suddenly froze and has not been updated in 5 days. This was literally the same day I paid for a new month.

  • Apr 10, 2017

Hi, i purchased the top package of the truth spy and installed it exactly how they asked. It did not even pick up the target phone. I have tried to contact them numerous times and have had no reply. I feel annoyed with myself for not at least doing the 2 day trial to see if it even worked. Do not purchase straight up. They will take your money and run!!

  • Dec 15, 2015

They are useless ! They are hopeless !

they just keep on taking money from your credit card until you block your credit card.

Dont ever pay these dumb guys !

Their software does not give all features on android as falsely advertised by them.

Whats more ?? They don't any support PHONE number on their website ......

Whats more??? They wont reply to your support ticket emails....

Whats even more ??? Even if you close account with them, they keep on debiting money from your credit card and you have no choice but to block your card forever !!!

Thetruthspy is absolutely fraud !!!!!!

  • Nov 25, 2015

Recently I had reasons to suspect my 16 yrs daughter was becoming a professional liar at the urging of my wife we decided to play detectives.I purchase a cell phone and place a monitoring software we bought from,this company advitised tha there software will enable us to see our daughtr whats App messages ( Not True) All things ithe software did produces very valuable results overall,False Adverts No whats App messages, no 24x7 customer support,most of the linkson the control pacel doent produce any content..

At the start of the first month we paid for three months upfront ,but 30days later we attempted to access the CPanel to retrieve data we were blocked from acccessing our data ,we received a system generated message telling us our license has expired we need to renew .Remember we paid $64 for three months up front.We sent about 10 emails to this addres [email protected]

We received sytems generated response but nofollow up.Luckly we paid using Paypal so we filing a dispute to recoup our unused portion of the monthly fees,

On the company landing page aka Home Page it advertising FAQ,BLOG,Etc upon signing up to read and see FAQ we were surprised non existed neither any blog post

Certain elements of the Software works example: GPS,Call Recordings,SMS,Contact,Url,Amongs other fetaures as for the Cpanel that site is more or less offline 50% of time.

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