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  • Jan 27, 2019

Agreed that this is a Scam!!

I was rather skeptical so I bought the lowest number of credits (10) for $24 approx. Each lead was 2 or 3 credits. I realized after a few days that this was going nowhere. A few of the leads were for people looking for therapists in the area so I contacted them but put N/A for a quote. I don't set a session fee that way since I do sliding scale. I put my cell phone number and when sent me a message about the person reading the quote (I think I got 2 out of the 4 I sent messages to) so I sent a follow-up message and yet NOTHING. I wish I had been more careful to read EVERYTHING on their website. They promise refunds for no response within 48 hours, but it's giving you back the credits and not actual monetary refunds. I found out about them through Facebook so I'm going to be warning people not to sign up.

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  • May 1, 2019

Not so bad...

I completely understand the frustration you're having. It's awful to get no response from potential clients. My experience has been a little different. I signed up as a counselor, because I never got to finish my doctorate due to illness. I'm very clear about my education in the profile. I got a client my second day using the site. A few days later, I responded for a quote and received an almost immediate response for crisis marriage counseling, and now I have both spouses as individual clients working through their issues, as well as working together. I was worried it would be a total scam, but when it pays off, it's great for some extra income.

I still do struggle with sending out tailored responses and hoping for responses, but that's just how it goes when I'm emailing a quick synopsis on what I can do.

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  • Feb 19, 2019

I Think Thervo is a Scam, Too!

I bought credit and responded promptly to their leads with my cell phone number included, because I also do sliding fee for therapy sessions. You lose credits if someone looks at your quote. I did follow up emails because no phone are given for their leads, and still no response. I have now used up all of my credits and no clients received from spending a great deal of time writing responses. Not worth the time or the effort.

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  • May 20, 2019

Not Worth It

I thought TherVo would be helpful in building my private practice. I got a few clients after sending MANY quotes and have spent more than I have earned. I first looked over my profile and is equally compatible to others. ...then I began to do I know I am sending quotes at $3.66+ each actually a person in need of services or people hired by TherVo to make them more $. I can’t say for sure...but seems it would be easy to scam many of us out of money. Now reading the many articles written...they won’t be getting any more of my $!!

  • Mar 19, 2019


I have been sending quotes and never a reply and I never receive a phone number to contact them. I truly think they are making up the people and getting money for that.

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  • Jul 26, 2018 promises to send you leads and you bid on these leads with credits you buy from them. There is no contact phone number for them.

They finally did give me a phone number, but was a personal phone number of someone, but the message was distorted.

I have a busy company but we can always be busier, so I thought this was a good idea. But there is no customer service.

The business phone was not a business phone and did not carry the name of their business on it.

Seems like it would be a scam.

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  • Apr 8, 2019

Total Scam

No customer service. I question if the "prospective clients" really exist. 28 referrals and no responses other than they reviewed my "quote" which was never given. I would ask for more info with no response. No way to contact "clients" other then through the Thervo website. Suspicious. Also, some of the names I looked up and found some of them were not only misspelled but lived in other states. One is a motivational speaker and the "problems" listed on the referral does not match up. No customer service, no phone number. They do not respond to emails. When I did notify them that I would not renew, I received 28 credits. Sent additional emails to Thervo and no response. Class Action Lawsuit seems in order.

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  • Mar 19, 2019

Seems like a scam

Great attempt to scam therapist who work hard at their craft and also to find ways to get their name out there. Do not invest money or time buying credits.

Would give it negative 5 stars.

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  • Mar 11, 2019

I won't say it's a scam............yet.

I am giving two stars because I definitely have been getting leads but not one has turned into a client yet. The closest was someone who made an appointment but then cancelled it. I have been responding promptly to the inquiries, have a great online reputation, am offering an excellent price for this test marketing and have yet to have a client. My service is mainstream and popular. I have to wonder if the leads are the company themselves spending my credits. I am hoping that some of these leads eventually pan out and this becomes a profitable stream of new clients but let's just say I am at the very least skeptical at this point.

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  • Apr 8, 2019


I believe this is a total scam. It is odd that prospective clients' phone numbers are not listed. 28 "referrals" and no real contact??? Very, very suspicious. I send emails to the "contact" section with no response. There needs to be a class action lawsuit against these scam artists. When I sent another email, advising I would not be renewing, all of a sudden I received 258 "credits." I also did a search on some of the names, and found there were misspellings... very odd indeed and one is a motivational speaker and the supposed "problems listed" did not match up. There is no phone number for Thervo. Poor to non-existent customer service.

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  • May 14, 2019

very suspicious

after getting screwed over by the likes of thumb whack, i was very suspicious about ms 'emily' sending me unsolicited emails for potential clients and customers. Especially since these were going to my assembly business but yet the prospects were looking for massage therapy???? i would love to know how the company knew or assumed I may hold a massage license - especially since there is no connection to the email account they solicit me at. Completely unsolicited and now after researching multiple sites, i have determined this is just another bs scam company looking to rip hard working service providers off and create more distrust in big online lead generation companies.

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