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Country Australia
State Victoria
City Melbourne
Address 121 King Street
Phone 61 3 8376 6284
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  • Jun 14, 2016

The company in question is (Envato Pty Ltd). They sell digital products for designers. I have had an account for over 5 years and over those years have purchased over 70 items from them.

I have never had a problem with a product until now. I purchased a Wordpress Theme that was significantly not as described. I tried to solve the issue with Envato and after giving me the run around for 7 days I opened a PapPal Dispute. The immediately locked me out of my account and access to all 70+ previous purchases.

I also have an account balance with them for $17.

00 USD not much but I cannot touch my money. They are threatening me saying that until I close my PayPal dispute they will not release my access to my prior purchase or money.

They sold me a product that did not work as described. I tried to solve the problem with the company directly before filing a PayPal dispute. Now the company is threatening me by revoking my access to purchases that are rightfully mine and holding money I have deposited for future purchases without any offer to return the sum.

I have addressed this exact concern to them directly. I want access to my purchases, to be refunded for a faulty product, and my account balance returned. Their response is they will do no such thing unless I cancel my dispute and allow them to handle it internally. I feel like this is fraud.

I filed a complaint with the ACCC -

I encourage everyone to file a complaint on this site in their home country. This is theft pure and simple and to make matters worse some sick form on blackmail.

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