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Country United States
State Alabama

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  • Oct 25, 2020 contacted me by email saying I had won a $100 Amazon card. I clicked the link in thwe email and confirmed my info. It said I would receive it the next day. This was on Sept 30 and despite many messages via their contact form on the website, the only mode of contact, they will not reply. Thank you for participating in this contest. You win a gift card from us. We want to apologise for the one who didn't get their prize yet. We make our best to deliver the gift card to everyone. Claim your prize !!! Stay connected for the next contests. See you soon!

TheLovers Team After a search, this is an automated drop shipper starter site trying to build traffic to make it more attractive to a buyer. it is listed on by a Lewis Tape of Maurituis. Nothing about this look legit. The server is located in Panama and the site uses a whois anominizer.

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