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Country United States
State California
City San Francisco
Address 2150 Cesar Chavez St.
Phone 1-800-443-8866
Website Reviews

  • Oct 19, 2015

* Ordered a full size chemical free futon mattress to fit inside my Ikea Loft Bed frame.

* First futon was not the correct size. The company replaced.

* The second futon was not the correct size. The company refused to replace, but the store manager did replace.

* Third futon was also the wrong size as well as not chemical free.

* All were to be chemical free. After receiving the third futon, I woke up with headaches, feeling nauseous and fatigued, and my heart rate racing. I wear a Fitbit to monitor my heart rate. In 6 days, my resting heart rate when from 71 to 82. After 6 days, I stopped sleeping on the futon. Not else changed in my life that week. After I stopped sleeping on the futon, the headaches went away. No longer was I nauseous or fatigued. The resting heart is still an issue since my immune system was compromised sleeping on their futon.

* The futons were so hard, I woke up in physical pain every day.

* They product is poor, the craftsmanship some of the worse I have seen, customer satisfaction is of no concern, totally false advertisement (the chemical free mattress was not chemical free and the size was incorrect on all three futons).

* I sent the company photos of the first two futons that were the wrong size.

* I sent the company a read out of my fitbit showing my resting heart rate went from 71 to 82 in 6 days while sleeping on their chemical free futon. I did not react to the first two futons. I did the third.

* I ordered a blanket at the same time. 10 weeks later, I still have not received my blanket!

* When I emailed the company my fitbit read out, they did not respond. The local store manager called and told me the company did not believe me and thus, would not refund my money. He also said the blanket was on its way. I still have not received the blanket!

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