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Theaterland America

Country United Kingdom
State England
City London
Address 64 Kimber Street
Phone (800) 430-8903

Theaterland America Reviews

  • Jun 4, 2019

Purchased Tickets to take my children to see Cats the Musical at Starlight Theater though Theaterland America. when looking on the internet to buy tickets the site said it worked with the Kansas City Theather team. The thought of course that it was a local company.

The price of each ticket was $145 per seat and the seats looked like it was in a good area. There was a service charge of $6.97 for delevery.. ok it's an eticket but Ok. Then $87 service fee. Total cost of my 4 tickets was $673. I wasn't sent the ticket till May 15th and to be honest didnt look at the face value till today as I was putting them in a safe place.

the Face value for each ticket is $15.... I was horrified that a $130 up charge. With ringing in my ears I called them back and went through 40 min of recordings then a text chat that lasted 30 min 2 actual people phone calls that hung up on me. then an additional 1 hour text chat. They refused to refund my money saying that they didn't set the prices they are a third party company.

I said then let me talk to the seller they said they could not because they protect the seller and the buyer. I told them they did not protect me I feel violated. they refused to help me. I received no consolidation. The person on the oher endof the text chat to me to resell them to get my money back. When I think of what I could have gotten for $673 and the seats change and now suck!! All the way in the back.... How do I stop them from doing this to anyone else?

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