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The World Black Card

Country United States
State Wisconsin
City Germantown

The World Black Card Reviews

  • Jun 3, 2016

This guy is a SCAM, I purchased the s*** card for 350 and sent thru paypal (for goods and he refunded me 3 times saying that paypal holds his money for 14 days) so he convinced/tricked me to send as a friend/family so anyways I paid and took a picture of my amex card and sent it him at some wierd address GERMANTOWN, WI 53022 WITH NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED ) and he tells me he would have it ship back next day after he recieve my card. Next morning he sent me a video of the card he made with my info on it (it looked good but the video wasn't clear) but I was happy then he sent me another text saying its not dry yet so youll have to wait, so I waited FIVE days because he keeps giving me bulls**** about this and that and the cards not dry THEN on the last day before he sent it to me he sends me last video of the card AND YES it did look nice in that video but when I received in the mail IT looked like some fake cheap metal/plastic smh. I called him back and he started cursing and yelling like the GHETTO B*tch he is and he threat to put all my info out there because Im assuming he supposedly thought he googled my info and photo and house online with photos that I should keep shut BUT his stupid a** got it all wrong because none is correct THATS why im posting you BIG DUMMY if your reading this and also I reported to paypal but being that I sent as family/friend they wont reverse it but was advise to dispute with my CC company that I used to pay :) STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAM ARTIST! you have been warned

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