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The Wireless Boys

Country United States
State New York
City Mt. Sinai
Address 5507 Nesconset Highway
Phone 66843-9269

The Wireless Boys Reviews

  • Jun 30, 2017

Sent them this email: "Received "Your Order Has Been Placed" email four days ago, with the statement "A separate email will be sent out to you shortly with the shipment confirmation." Still haven't received shipment confirmation so wondering what's going on." Got this reply: "I see an email was sent to you letting you know the order was cancelled." I never received this email they referred to. I responded back: "I did not receive an email saying anything was cancelled. Has the whole order been cancelled?" Finally received this response: "You have been flagged in our system and your information is being shared with all our sister companies database which is well over 1,000 companies not to accept orders from you." Started receiving spam emails after that (luckily I had used a spam email account), so they clearly violated their own privacy policy which says in the second paragraph "Your information is treated with respect and will not release your information to any other company or firm." Even called them and they were very rude and hung up. It's too bad for them because I was a good customer and this was my third time ordering from them.

  • Oct 7, 2015

Ordered several items on 09/16/2015 the order was promised to be shipped within 2-3 days, I received e-mailed that it was shipped on 09/18/2015. and given a tracking number the shows nothing but delivery of an item for pickup and nothing after that first entry. I called the company and spoke to owner that said he would follow up and get back to me and let me know what happened to item on 09/25/2015 but no contact by email or telephone call. On 9/28/2015 I first checked the tracking number given and still nothing more than the first transaction was listed no new info, I called the carrier and was told if the package was received there would be information thruout the route to indicate where it was. The carrier said he has never heard of the routing to stop after pickup unless someone scanned the item as being shipped and failed to shipped it. I explained this to owner and asked him to follow up for me or I would need to cancel the order. His response to me was as he yelled to me that he was not responsible for the carrier and that i would have to wait. When I explained to him that was not an exceptable solution that I would want to cancel the order and have my purchase amount refunded. At that point he proceeded to tell me that he was going to call my boss and have me fired and that next week I would no longer be working for my company. In addition he said if I cancelled the order there would be a $75.00 fee attached and he would call the police and have me arrested for cancelling the order. At that point I just hung up from all the yelling and believe it of not he called me on my cell phone from a blocked number to tell me he was calling my boss right then to have me fired and that there were going to be consequences.

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