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The Washing Well

Country United States
State Georgia
City Augusta
Address 2234 Lumpkin Rd
Phone 706-771-0031

The Washing Well Reviews

  • Dec 14, 2016

They violated the federal DOJ/ADA laws and kicked my service animal and I out for no reason. although they own the building and the business there in, it is for public use and there for falls under The DOJ/ADA rules and regulations regarding service animals. they called the Sheriff Dept. to have us thrown out. they did not inform the owner about the ADA laws regarding service animals and sides wwith them and made us leave. My service dog did as he was trained to do. He DID NOT run around the place buggingpeople as she claims. I had him lay down and stay next to the chair I wpuld be sitting in. after about 5 minutes of being out of his sight he got up came around the corner where I was to check on me, he then stayed with me while I finished loading and starting the machine, he stayed with me by my side he whole time the rest of the time till the Sheriff came and they made us leave. The Manager was very nasty and disrespectful toward me. she demanded I show proof of certification that he was a service animal. It is NOT required by law. when I tried to explain it to her and show her an ADA card explainig what I was saying she refused to read it and called the Sheriff. At NO TIMe did my service animal leave my side and wonder the place. It was implied either leave or be arrested and she filed either a restraining order or Trespass order against me.

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