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The Vernon Company

Country United States
State Iowa
City Newton
Address 604 W 4th St N
Phone 641-792-9000

The Vernon Company Reviews

  • Nov 19, 2016

March 2015, my client contracted Vernon Co rep, Sean Ware in the Nashville area, to install a trailer wrap promoting their tour. The wrap was installed in Nashville several weeks later. On October 14, 2015, the graphics were scheduled to be removed in Nashville. Vernon Company itself does not handle this, they subcontract services out. The "crew" sub-contracted to do the removal damaged my trailer in many places on both sides and never did get all the glue (from the back of the wrap) off the trailer. After they said the trailer was "finished", I had it taken back to my offices three weeks later (I had to schedule a power only to get this done and it took three weeks to find a suitable load to bring back to Dallas). The trailer was parked in our back lot area and the remaining glue on the trailer was, from a distance, transparent. Thanksgiving holidays then Christmas holidays then New Year's holidays went by before we noticed the sides of the trailer getting "dirty". Upon close inspection we then realized that Vernon's sub-contracted crew damaged the trailer - down to the bare metal in a number of small locations (in fact, 100's of places on both sides).

I immediately contacted my client (tour artist) and the person who contracted with Vernon Company had left the company. Only after he returned in June 2016 did we learn of Vernon Company as the wrap service. We were given the contact name at Vernon to call, which I immediately contacted. He later stated that they would not be responsible for fixing what their sub-contractors did to my trailer. He said "too much time has elapsed and this could have been damage from normal trailer wear and tear".

I took the trailer to my Great Dane shop where they said it WAS damaged while trying to remove all the glue that remained on it and they DID damage the trailer in many, many places down to bare metal to the point that the only remedy was to repaint the trailer AFTER they (Great Dane shop workers) removed the glue that was still on it. Vernon Company/Sean Ware/Tony Oberman (Sean's boss) did not refute that their sub-contractor damaged the trailer but they continued to state they would do nothing.

The trailer had to be repainted before going into service. Great Dane shop foreman said they even had to buy a special industrial strength airplane adhesive removal to get the glue off before they could reprime and repaint the trailer.

Repairs totaled in excess of $4,000 which came out of my pocket entirely. A letter was written to Chris Vernon, president of Vernon Company, to which no reply was ever received to this day.

Vernon Company does not stand behind their workmanship.

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