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The Vapor Hut

Country United States
State West Virginia
City Keyser
Address 455 S Mineral St
Phone 304-790-7585

The Vapor Hut Reviews

  • Mar 10, 2018

I have been smoking electronic cigarettes ( known to aficionados as e-cigs) for going on twelve years now. Simply put, like any commodity one has used for such a vast period of time, I recognize quality when I see it, and in the case of “Vapor Hut” when something is plain garbage it gets noticed as well. Do you enjoy products that leak, leak, leak; are made of kiddy toy parts not used by Santa, and just simply resemble excremental waste? Oh, and because of high prices a guaranteed joy. Please, run from this cheaply done and overpriced house of pure waste as fast as you can! Granted, their juices get an A+, but when it comes to the cigarettes themselve, you couldn’t ask for something as poorly made, guaranteed to fail despite properly used and maintained and pure, unadulterated crapola! What a shame a market for what I consider to be wonderful products have now been deprecated by stores that choose to expose the customer to manufactured farm-animal composted pig-slop. What a huge disappointment and ripof. Unles, of course, you like being subjected to the manufacturing of something I wouldn’t use to unstop my upstairs commod! Keyser, WV “Vapor Hut” is pure perfection of fault and downright shoddy ( well, I hate to even refer to them as Electronic Cigarette).

This place is the last place where you want to go to get your moneys worth of anything but decent Products. You like buying cheap toys that should be buried in a graveyard? Then “Vapor Hut” is the place to go.

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