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The Unlock Pros, LLC

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 8250 N Grand Canyon Dr Unit 1056
Phone (800) 791-2754

The Unlock Pros, LLC Reviews

  • Sep 4, 2015

Order number 10372 I purchased 1 x Bad IMEI Remote Repair Service for Blocked Blacklisted AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900A from The unlock pros LLC in north Las Vegas NV. On august I received the files that same day in those files were installation instructions which i downloaded as well. The next day i attempted to install the files they had sent me so i could repair my phone.

I was unable to install the application Samsung tools. I contacted customer service and spoke with a gentleman who would not provide me with his name and was very rude from the initial contact. However i asked his my question about the error anyway. He suggested i was getting it because of my firewall. I turned it off like he suggested but i still could not install the program

I then connected with someone via web chat his name was Scott. I explained to him I had already spoken with someone at customer service when I called in; I told him what the issue was and what I was advised to do. He stated the file must have been corrupt. I asked him how I would find out and get the problem fixed, and I advised him I would not be able to use my phone until then.

He stated “well then connect with a tech.” and abruptly disconnected from the chat. I responded with “I would if I knew how, could you assist me?” Scott’s response to that was “If you would have downloaded and read the set up instructions you would know how.” So I decided to call back into customer service and speak with a manager.

I called the 800 number back and again got the same man who would not give me his name the first time I called. I asked him to speak with a supervisor. Very rudely he asked what my problem was I advised him that they were extremely rude and not helpful and I wanted to speak with a supervisor. He then stated he was a supervisor, I asked his name and he stated it did not matter. He became extremely abusive and started yelling, cursing and speaking over me. I repeatedly asked him to speak with a supervisor or someone over him.

Another man got on the phone and stated “I am not going to let you speak with my employees that way.” I asked him if he had been listening to the call and if so then he would know it was his employee and not me who were being rude. I asked his name and he also refused. He became very verbally abusive also telling me I was full of sh** and that I was F*****n stupid. He then stated he was not going to assist me and would refund my money, so he asked for the order number, I provided him with it and he said “I don’t like your attitude, f**k that no you’ll f****n wait.

I went into the other room to get my husband and maybe have him defuse the situation but when he got on the phone they had already disconnected. We attempted to call back but the recording stated they were closed.

  • Sep 1, 2015

I decide to go with them becuase the website and the videos looks really professional, when I place my order I recieved an email with the instructions and lot of softwares. I did all the instructions and they remote control my computer they were taking a lot time. I did said anything, after few minutes they wrote on the chatt that I didnt download the applications and I am f*.. lay . I couldnt believe what I was reading I text him back saying that just to let them know and remeber my name because I am goingt to report them with BBB, they put " no u didnt, f* you,no refund, file a dispute and wait 21 days loser, we record this" I just disconnect everything and uninstall all the programs. After a few minutes they call me and started insulting me. I couldnt believe this was real. They also told that they gonna take all my information. That is why Im taking this to a new level with my lawyer. So please use them it is SCAM. I dont care 25 that I spent, Im willing to spend even a thousand if necessary I want them out of business ( I took a picture of the chatt)

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