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The Ultimate Ecom System

Country Singapore
City Shaw Centre
Address 1 Scotts Road #24-10
Phone 65 6238 2100

The Ultimate Ecom System Reviews

  • Jun 6, 2018

This is a case of poor customer service.

I bought two of their programs. The ultimate ecom system is great for basics but they are also adapted from free materials that you can get from the web. Be prepared for atrocious english and NGs whcih they did not bother to edit off. The videos are amateurishly prepared. When the course started running for the first week, they received bad remarks that they misrepresented the program. They then took initiative to add in more videos for future weeks to make up for it. (Date stamps in videos revealed this to participants) To me, it is great to know that they are improving their course on the fly but this also means that this is not their best work and they're just trying to fling it.

I bought their second program too and that's where I see their true colors. Evan has essentially zero involvement in it. Steve gives short, general answers that can mean alot of things. If you had been following them for some time, you will notice that they don't share exactly what they do. They give you snippets and then entice you to enroll in more and more programs. It is atrocious.

Told them my concerns about the courses and was hoping they would address my concerns kindly. Instead, they just told me that I know what I was getting when I paid for the course and went ahead to block my access, including the public group, Ecom Elites Mastermind. I asked if that means he would be processing my refund but he never replied me, ever again. In fact, he blocked me personally on Facebook and my emails to their support email unanswered.

Never again will I buy anything from them or people associated with them.

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