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The TSE Marketing Group

Country United States
State Alabama
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The TSE Marketing Group Reviews

  • Dec 5, 2015

I only write this because someone else may be pulled in by a craigslist ad. It's easy enough to be worried about anything that you find on craigslist. I saw an ad for "virtual assistant" said may require "some phone work" ..Nowhere in the ad did it say that cold calling was part of this.. If it was a telemarketing job that required cold calls. why not say so. It's misleading.

What made it worse is you are told to call back a number.. that is never answered. I receive a call weeks later on my cell phone with apologies asking me to call back. I tried many different times. When I finally got hold of Terrie from TSE she was so insulting. .Why give a number that's a home number if you don't want someone to call you?

She was insulting and demeaning. It's just the first impression. I told Terrie this was not for me. It wasn't so much the fact that she hid her intentions in the employment ad; but that she was so insulting and rude when I finally got hold of her.

I think lots of folks are spending serious amounts of time trying to find work. Then, they come across people like Terry who insult them even before they get their foot in. No one should be so desperate for work that they have to take insults on the first contact.

Terrie.. you know your company would do better if you were kinder. Yes, extensive hours on the phone can stress one out. It's never okay to insult people..especially those seeking employment.

I don't know the quality of services you provide; but I do know how you made me feel. I tried to reply many times and you were never available. You threw up in my face the fact I called while you were eating..Don't you have a company phone line?

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