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The True Body of Christ Restored

Country United States
State Alabama

The True Body of Christ Restored Reviews

  • Apr 7, 2019

Pastor Wilson and True Body Of Christ Restored is a freaking deadbeat buffoon who tries scares elderly people into forking over their disability checks. He is basically selling timeshares to heaven despite being guaranteed a place in Hell himself. He is a malcontent and a miscreant who neglects taking care of his own children.

He lives in a shanty and refuses to earn a living wage. Ramon Wilson is a delusional schizophrenic who refuses to live in the real world. RTW prefers to play telephone games and eat canned food for free. He eats food out of the garbage bin and had a close call after misrepresenting himself to be an attorney.

He genuinely believes he will be President in 2024 despite barely even being able to read. This guy is truly sick in the head. He is the definition of a buffoon. Pastor Wilson believes math is racist. He really needs to get his life together. Please pray for him.

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