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The Truck Shop, Inc.

Country United States
State Florida
City Okahumpka
Address 3711 Rogers Industrial Park Rd
Phone 1 352-435-0000

The Truck Shop, Inc. Reviews

  • Jan 28, 2019

This company is the most un-ethical company in the state of Florida as I am going to mention 2 people they tried to screw royally

The 1st one is us. We bought a diesel box truck ($1500) last fall that we knew had bad heads and we negotiated a price of $2500. for labor only with them if we supplied the parts. So we ordered the head gaskets and all new bolts ($300) and then found a company in Orlando who located a set of heads and rebuilt them and we paid them in full for them ($1500.)

Well the truck sat at the Truck shop for 3 whole months without them touching it with excuse after excuse after excuse and then they finally do it and I call to settle up with them and BAM they negotiated price of $2500. jumped to over $5000. as they said the head gaskets we supplied were wrong ( They were not the wrong ones, and they had to buy new ones and then they stated they had to put a water pump in and a alternator and other parts (These were perfectly good and working parts)

Now remember we negotiated a labor only price that we would supply the parts they ignored that and we never even signed any paperwork with them authorizing anything.

Now besides the $3300. we already put out for this we had to pay for the plates and insurance for 3 months

We finally said screw them and sent them a certified letter before Christmas that they signed for stating we are walking away from it as they broke numerous state of Florida motor vehicle repair act laws and we would call it square and they can keep the truck and we would mail them the title but they must respond back to us in writing. THEY REFUSED TO RESPOND

2nd person .. Last Wed ( A few days ago) a trucker we know had his alternator belt break as he was near his home so he parked his tractor in front of his house and called the truck shop to get a quote and was told it would be around $300. so he said ok come do it and they never showed up wed and finally arrived Thurs afternoon and the mechanic said he did not have the belt so the mechanic drove to Orlando and got the wrong belt and then had to go back to get the right one that he screwed up on.

Now he gets the belt on as its now Thursday night and says it will be $900. WHAT they quoted $300. she he calls the owner of the Truck shop who rudely said his driver had to go to Orlando Twice to get the belt and he had to pay mileage on that WTF His Mechanic screwed up and got the wrong part. then the owner said its an after hours service call again WTF he called the day before and the Truck Shop choose to do it after afters not the customer . So the owner of the truck shop screams at him on the phone if you dont like it take the part off and we will call it square so the customer says ok do it then the owner of the Truck shop goes off because the customer called his bluff and screams at him Look you fat F%#& I hope you have a heart attack and die on the road

We are filing a complaint against his license with the state of Florida and I also gave them the information to file their own complaint

This company need to have their license to repair put on probation and I also heard there on the police tow rotation and they need to loose that until they straighten their act out and start being honest

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