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The Toronto Movers

Country Canada
City North York, Ontario
Address 302 Bridgeland Ave
Phone 416-837-8681

The Toronto Movers Reviews

  • Apr 30, 2018


1- they work really slow and charge you up front and charge extra 139 for each extra hour. They waste your time by talking or arguing on purpose and do not deliver the job.

2- They are very impolite. the owner called me a b*** and said Im poor and he make more money than I will ever see. He proceeded to tell me to stfu and not talk while he talks and to f*** listen to hi,.

3- they left all the stuff on the ground and damaged my items. When we got to my storage units, they werfe really disrespectful to the customer representative. They also put their hands on me, I took videos and recorded most of the time.

4- They broke my 600$ nightstand with no compensation.

If there was any union or somewhere I can complain I definitely would. It went from paying 200, to 255 to 600$. They would not provide me with a paper receipt. The owner keep sending me hateful texts that I will gladly post.

They use these phone numbers:




  • Jun 1, 2017

Caused damage, now they dont respond

Both movers were high on arrival, caused $400 damage to my own property, Eric said there would be State Farm Claim but now they dont return my calls or follow up on emails. Complete Scam, save your money

  • Aug 14, 2016

Worst service ever

I can't even fathom giving them 1 star!

My parents booked them for their mom and basically everything you stated above happened and then some!

My father was beside himself k have never seen him so upset.

We had to rent our own uhaul and gather a couple friends last minute to get the move done.


  • Aug 17, 2015

I hired the "Top Toronto Movers" aka "Your Local Movers" aka "Toronto Moving Services" aka "The Toronto Movers" for a move on Sunday August 16th, 2015. I am writing this to warn other consumers about their mistreatment of customers, their employees smoking weed while driving and on the job site, they are lying to customers, their undelivered services, and overall poor work ethics.

Below is a small list of things I can remember for their one hour of work they preformed today; I PAID FOR 4 HOURS.

1. The Driver and The Help showed up 30 minutes late;

2. The Driver and The Help showed up in a 12 ft Truck, even though I was quoted for a 18 ft Truck when I reserved.

3. The Driver and The Help demanded payment before the move, charge HST and will not provide a receipt.

The Driver and The Help will verbally fight with each other, using profanity.

5. The Driver and The Help attempted to fight with the customer's multiple times once they have received their cash payments, eventually cooler heads prevailed.

6. The Driver and The Help will threaten to stop your move and unload all your belongings on the side of the road with no refund.

7. The Driver and The Help will threaten to waste the customer's time, so that the move will not be completed.

7. The Driver and The Help will smoke weed while driving on the highway, and on the job site. When confronted about smoking on the the customer's time, the Help asks the customer how he knows what drugs smell like.

8. The Driver and The Help will not move anything that has dust on it, not for allergic reason but because they think they may get their clothes dirty. I had to move these items myself.

9. The truck and the blankets they use for the move are filthy, covered in dust and dirt. They throw them on the ground outside the truck then cover your belongings with them. They do not use moving blankets, but rather a duvet.

10. The Driver and The Helps loading skills are far from professional, my items were dragged on the floor.

11. The Driver and The Help never showed up to the second pick up location and took my $395 dollars (4 hour quote) after 1 hour of work and disappeared with out an explanation.

12. I called the management and spoke with a man named Nathan, he promised to refund half of my money by email money transfer, and that the owner "Michael Lemky" would hopefully authorize a full refund in an hour's time. I never recieved my partial refund, and it seems to be that they are screening my calls and no longer picking up from my number.

Please search their phone number 4168378681 or 6478607393 and read about other customer complaints. I paid 4 hours to be verbally abused for 1 hour, and have a 5 by 10 storage locker emptied.

They appear to be located at 302 Bridgeland Ave Unit 4 North York ON.

I left my phone number in the contact info section; If any consumer's who wish to call me and give me any more information on these guys, please do.

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⭐️TOP TORONTO MOVERS⭐️ (416) 837-8681

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