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The Stockton Auto Mall

Country United States
State California
City Stockton
Address 3158 Auto Center Circle, Suite A
Phone 209-956-5959

The Stockton Auto Mall Reviews

  • Oct 15, 2015

Stockton Auto mall allowed a salesman to sexually harass me. my sales person kept fondling me and when i called the auto mall the supervisor of this individual lured me back to the auto mall so that they could reposses my vehicle illegally. The day before they had tried to barracade me in after making a complaint i went there to speak with a manager and they proceeded to block me in and take my car! so i called the police who allowed me to leave. Thats when the super had called me the following day and stated to me that if i was unhappy with the sale then i could come back in and trade in the vehicle that i felt i was bullied into. when i went in they were able to get me out of my car and took it! Whats even more crazy is that i of course had my possessions in the car and went through all of my things and boxed them up for me. my wallet and money and childrens birth certificates and social security cards were missing from my things. All of this because i had been fondled by the salesman and had made a complaint.

I'm also sure that they had falsified documents with my signature because i had only signed a hand written agreement from the salesman. but my signature was on documents that i know that i didn't sign.

I was recently going thru some very hard times and was homeless and i had actually won the lotto. An amount that is pretty big. Enough to get me back on my feet. I feel like they took advantage knowing this. I wish that i could go into more detail about all of the events that took place but stockton auto mall allowed one of the employees to molest me and then repossess my vehicle under false pretsense.

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