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The Sportsman’s Guide, Inc.

Country United States
State Minnesota
City South Saint Paul
Address 411 Farwell Avenue P.O. Box 239
Phone 1-800-882-2962

The Sportsman’s Guide, Inc. Reviews

  • Apr 28, 2016

Don't ever try to do a return with this company, they will not process it as a return but an exchange. If you have to return something, don't fill out the form and communicate in any way that you want to exchange something. We ordered boots online for my husband,in his regular size. When arrived, they were too small. We paid shipping to return them in the mail, stating would be a return. Then same day bought/paid online a 2nd pair in a larger size, and received a few days later. We also that day went on their website, and registered on their website that we were returning this 1st pair because they were too small. But a few days later after that, they sent a confirmation email stating they had received the 1st pair we'd mailed back, and that they processed it as an exchange, not a return, and sent us an email stating they were sending us a 3rd pair of boots in the mail! We called immediately to tell them this was incorrect, that this hsould have been a return and not an exchange, and to not to ship a 3rd pair of boots--we'd already received our correct size from our 2nd purchase. So could they refund our 1st payment of $69.99 plus shipping since they'd already received the too small 1st pair in the mail?

That's when the problems started. They said they would not refund our 1st $69.99 payment until they received the(mistakenly shipped) 3rd pair of boots in the mail! We were dumbfounded. We argued that they'd already received the 1st pair in the mail, why couldn't they refund us that money? But they adamantly stated they would not refund this 1st payment until they received the mistakenly shipped 3rd pair in the mail (which will not be arriving until 5/2/16), and this was their policy for exchanges! We said that was their mistake to process it as an exchange and to send a 3rd pair--we never said we were going to exchange, we had returned the 1st pair in the too small size, and they received them. But they just kept repeating over and over this was their policy for exchanges, not even listening to our reasoning about them receiving the 1st pair. I got so angry I just had to hang up. We are sure this company instructs it's employees to process all Returns as Exchanges--this allows them to keep your money longer. With returns they have to refund your money much more quickly than with an exchange. With exchanges, the money is not refunded until you mail the item back, and they receive it.

  • Oct 20, 2015

They LIE about the "expected availability date" - this is not just poor communication with their suppliers, they will repeatedly claim a backordered item is expected to arrive in 1-2 weeks so they can dodge the FTC rules about items not expected within 21 days. Then when the "expected" date comes, they will just say the item is due in another week or two. Then when that date comes, they will give another date, and again it will be just a week or two out. Most of their items are from Eastern Europe and China - the majority of those items come to the US by ship, not by air which is far more expensive. So IF an item really was going to be in their warehouse in the next two weeks, it would have had to leave the supplier several weeks earlier and it would already been enroute. In that case the shipper would KNOW when the item was due to arrive at the port in the US and would know within a day or two, when the item would be arriving at the Sportsmans Guide warehouse. The "expected availability" dates that Sportsmans Guide keeps inventing are not coming from any supplier or shipper, they are simply being made up to keep orders coming in while dodging the FTC rules about back ordered merchandise.

  • Aug 21, 2015

Awful customer service! I do mean AWFUL! I bought an EEA B6P pistol from them for a really low price. I picked the pistol up from my FFL dealer and on the way home I noticed I couldn't get the magazine to drop out of the well. I literally had to hold the magazine release button down while yanking on the bottom of the magazine, and it scrubs like crazy coming out and going back in. It is OBVIOUSLY a defective pistol. I call SG and they say, oh since you've already signed for it there's nothing we can do. Nice. So I call EAA and they promise a call-back by the end of the day. Did I get a call-back? Of course not. I was sold a defective product and SG feels they have no obligation to make it right. I bought this pistol for concealed carry but there's no way I would carry it considering that it takes time and effort to pull the magazine out and insert another. I'm sure I can just call time-out and the bad guy will patiently wait while I struggle with changing mags.

In short, Sportsman's Guide SUCKS.

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